Emperor Sets Up Investment Fund And Holding Group

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Earlier today, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor registered two new companies with the Imperial Companies Agency. The first of these was Adammic Investment Ltd., a private investment fund. The Emperor has provided this company with £150 of equity, and now has £141.50 invested in the London Stock Exchange (around £8 was lost due to stockbroker’s fees and UK stamp duty). The fund has bought shares in Game Digital, Rolls-Royce, Morgan Advanced Materials and National Express.

London Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange, where Adammic Investment Ltd. has been trading.

The second company which was registered was Imperial Holdings Ltd., a holding group for the three Adammic businesses which the Emperor has created: AB Animation Ltd., Top Hat Software and Adammic Investment Ltd. Imperial Holdings now owns these three companies as subsidiaries in a major restructuring of the Emperor’s private business operations.



  1. An interesting undertaking. It certainly shows an evolution in Adammia’s government financial management.

    That said, I find it interesting that state wealth is invested in non-dividend paying stocks that would yield a regular (e.g. monthly or quarterly) return, in addition to any growth in stock price. Is there a particular reason why Adammia focused its strategy in such a manner?

    I’d certainly be interested to learn more of the Adammic Investment Ltd. investing strategy or goals in general in a future article by your publication.

    1. Imperial Holdings Ltd. and its subsidiaries are owned privately by myself, not the Imperial Government.

      As to strategy, I intend to diversify in the future with other types of securities once I have more capital available to me through macronational employment or otherwise. This initial investment has been made using money which I can afford to lose, and is a little on the speculative side, although I am optimistic that modest capital gains can be made.

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