Sir Paul McKenna To Seek Re-Election

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Earlier today, the Labour and Moderate parties both confirmed their respective candidates for the upcoming National Election. Labour has nominated incumbent Prime Minister Sir Paul McKenna, who will seek re-election to a second term of office. The Moderates nominated their president and three-times former Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, who will be aiming to regain the premiership after losing it to McKenna last year. Both candidates will also have to contend with a third party for the first time, after the Liberals joined the race two weeks ago when they nominated their new leader, Prince Jake.

At this stage in the race, it is difficult to say who has the upper hand. Emperor Mother Jayne is a trusted face who was popular during her time as Prime Minister, whilst McKenna has the backing of respected elder statesman Sir Reginald Hall. Prince Jake, however, is a fresh face, supported by a detailed manifesto prepared by his party’s president, Emperor Adam I, but he could be seen as too young and inexperienced. Labour and the Moderates are both expected to have manifestos published within a week; their previous manifestos were particularly vague, but the Emperor has been challenging the rival parties to create improved manifestos with more concrete policies, and has been providing impartial support to all parties in this regard.

Once the manifestos have been published, the Adammic Express will conduct its traditional pre-election interviews with all three candidates, to be released several days before polling day. The Office of State will also soon be sending instructions to returning officers situated around the Empire.


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