Voting intention: STM 44% LMP 33% LAB 17% DNK 6%

WILLIAM WAY, Maternia – the Adammic Express has published its first voting intention opinion poll of 2019 in anticipation of the September general election. The Storm Party is expected to lead first preferences with 44% of the vote, followed by the Liberal-Moderates on 33%, the Labour Party on 17%, and the Dank Party on 6%.


The Express has predicted that in the new House of Citizens, the Storm Party would win 5 seats, the Lib-Mods 4, Labour 2 and Dank 1. This would allow the current ruling coalition to continue with a majority of 4.

Fieldwork was carried out in the Adammic Facebook group yesterday and today. The polling took place before the Storm Party announced Lady Worthington as its new leader this evening, which means that the numbers could change at the next opinion poll. New provinces are also expected to join the Empire in the coming weeks, which could also affect party popularity.

The Express predicts a 10% drop in the popularity of the Storm Party compared to last year’s national election. This is partly due to our assumption that the Dank Party will contest the upcoming election, and the fact that Alluria – which voted heavily for Storm last year – is expected to use digital rather than paper balloting, which has historically tended to result in lower turnout.

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