General Election 2019: End of the first day of voting

Adam I, Editor

WILLIAM WAY, Maternia – The first of three days of voting in the 2019 general election has come to an end. Things are well underway, with the first three smallest subdivisions having declared, and the local elections having wrapped up with not a single ballot cast.

The number of ballots cast, at 19, now matches the number of candidates standing – 35.8% of the electorate.

General election ballots went live late in the afternoon. Already, 19 ballots have been submitted, but so far only three of the smallest subdivisions – Xanada, Serkatia and Corellia – have hit the 100% turnout needed for an early declaration, amounting to 6 votes between them. The totals so far are:
STM: 4.00
LMP: 2.91
DNK: 2.00
RGA: 1.33
So, Storm lead in the earliest results, but it is worth remembering that the two biggest subdivisions – Greater Tytannia and non-territorial citizens – are expected to declare early on Tuesday morning, and it is these who are expected to decide the election. Most of Storm’s numbers so far come from the Storm-dominated province of Corellia, where the populist party enjoys total control of the local council. The new colony of Xanada, on the other hand, cast its single first preference for the Lib-Mods.

What will be interesting to some pundits are the results – or lack thereof – from the local elections, electing a Councilor for each of the four provinces as well as the Delegate of the Colonies. Every single subdivision has only had one nominated candidate, meaning that all candidates have been automatically elected without a poll. Whilst uncontested provinces have been common throughout Adammic history, ballots would take place regardless until 2018, when a constitutional amendment made it so that unopposed candidates would be elected automatically, in order to save time and resources. The lack of local contests, especially in Metchlia, home to three party leaders, will no doubt be a disappointment to some, but this does not mean that their side of Parliament – the Ruling Council – will be any less controversial than the House. The recent defection of Lord Helliker from the Lib-Mods to Storm has left the Council in complete deadlock – after today’s locals, the Council’s composition is:
STM: 3
LMP: 3
RGA: 2
DNK: 1
Word on the street is that if any Budget or piece of legislation hopes to get through the Council, it will have to be based on cross-party compromise. As with the last term’s controversial Defamation Act, abstentions from key “moderate” figures in the populist parties could prove to be crucial. The question is, how strict will the whips be in the Council?

As we move into the second day of voting, all eyes will be on the North, as physical voting stations open in Adammia’s ancient capital, Imperial City, catering to citizens who do not have an email address. Liberal-Moderate sources seem to be confident here – the party will be hoping to pick up disaffected Labour voters unhappy with the party’s transition to the Red Green Alliance. We can also expect a declaration from the politically-mixed province of Metchlia at some point tomorrow.

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