News Report – 15th March 2017 – Emperor Announces Inactivity Measures

Adam I, Editor

ALLURIA – The referendum held on the 31st of December on the Third Amendment to the Supreme Directive saw the amendment being approved by 11 votes to 5. Turnout was 57.14%. The Third Amendment was subsequently signed into law by the Emperor. On the same day, the Emperor’s Fabulous New Year’s Quiz took place in White Gold Palace, where it was won by “Three’s A Crowd”, consisting of Emperor Mother Jayne, Sir Reginald Hall and Sir David Hall. The Emperor returned to his term-time residence in Alluria on the 7th of January.

There has been little of note from the Ruling Council or the Cabinet since the New Year. On the 28th of January, the Cabinet agreed to outsource responsibility for maintenance of the website to Top Hat Software, with Minister of Information Madam Julie Foster approving the decision. At the February meeting on the 18th of that month, the Ruling Council passed the Internal Procedures Act 2017, which has expanded upon the Internal Procedures Act 2014 to streamline the Ruling Council’s procedures, as well as make it more transparent. The changes have seen the Council shift from an American Congress-style system to something more closely resembling the British Parliament. The Council also dissolved the mostly defunct Events Committee and the Cabinet shortly afterwards replaced it with the civil service post of Director of Events at the Cabinet Office, to which Deputy Prime Minister Sir Reginald Hall appointed Emperor Mother Jayne. The Emperor raised the matter of Foundation Day celebrations at that meeting, but it is expected that most planning will take place at the March meeting.

On the 19th of February, the Emperor’s Birthday Honours List was published to mark the Emperor’s 19th birthday. Many of this year’s recipients are friends the Emperor has made at the University of Birmingham.

Apart from these isolated events, the Empire has spent the last two and a half months in a state of deep inactivity. Much administrative work and other tasks have ground to a halt; readers will note that this is the first edition of the Adammic Express since the New Year, and furthermore, the Imperial Institute of History still has not published its Dossier on 2016. After a long silence, the Office of the Emperor issued a statement last Saturday, stating that the inactivity was down to a lack of time and motivation on the part of the Emperor, and announcing a number of major changes to respond to the situation. The monarchy declared that its focus going forward would be on physical operations within the Provinces, and as a result it would be toning down its colonial and foreign affairs. Most notably, it was announced that the Colonial Council was to be dissolved, with most Colonies being either downgraded to Territories or in one case being completely ceded back to the United Kingdom; only Alluria and Adammic Columbia were to remain as Colonies. Furthermore, it was announced that Adammia would lower its membership status in the GUM to that of an observer state. The statement noted that although no government agencies would be dissolved at that time, many could enter a “dormant state” for the forseeable future. The statement attracted some criticism, with Lord Sir Grant Hawkins suggesting that the dissolution of the Colonial Council would make it harder for colonies to propose legislation; the Emperor responded by stating that citizens could still lobby him directly. The ANP went further and even suggested that the Emperor should abdicate, an idea which was dismissed by His Imperial Majesty. Despite the criticism, the Office of the Emperor issued Imperial Decree XLVI this evening, formally enacting the changes. The Emperor, in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs, is expected to formally give notice to the GUM about Adammia’s change of membership status within a couple of weeks.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


News Report – 31st December 2016 – Referendum Due As Emperor Recovers From Illness

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – His Imperial Majesty the Emperor returned from the Colony of Alluria to the Imperial Household in Adamsville for the Christmas period on the 12th of December. The Ruling Council then met on the 19th where the Emperor proposed a Third Amendment to the Supreme Directive. This amendment’s main aim is to lay groundwork for a series of legislation in the new year to properly establish a functioning court and legal system in Adammia. It also makes a number of minor tweaks for clarification. It can be read in full here. The Council voted to endorse the amendment, although such a move is strictly unnecessary, and a referendum on the amendment was scheduled for today, the 31st of December. Voting will be taking place throughout the day and we encourage all full citizens to vote.

On the 23rd, Joelonian Con took place in the Colony of Kappania. This annual event is a gathering of a group of friends which includes the Lord of Kappania Sir Euan Carey and the Grand Duke of El Grandens Colonel Sir Cavan Garfield. The Emperor was invited as a special guest. The event saw an awards show as well as a special one-off edition of the Emperor’s Fabulous Pub Quiz. The quiz resulted in a tie and the winner was decided through a wrestling match. This is the first time Joelonian Con has taken place in Adammia.

The Emperor’s Christmas Broadcast was released on the 25th in which the Emperor reflected on the importance of family. It can be viewed here.

Business ground to a halt on Boxing Day when the Emperor became ill with a stomach bug immediately followed by a cold (the Emperor has suggested that he believes he may have caught both viruses simultaneously). As a result this usually busy time of year has been unusually quiet. Two new colonies are currently awaiting admission to the Empire and the Imperial Institute of History’s Dossier on 2016 has also been severely delayed. The priority in government at the moment is to prepare for the New Year’s Eve celebrations which will be taking place in White Gold Palace this evening.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

News Report – 25th November 2016 – Delegate of the Colonies Vote Indecisive

Adam I, Editor

ALLURIA – Voting has taken place in the past 24 hours for an election for the Delegate of the Colonies, one of the two “miscellaneous” Ruling Council seats. The election was scheduled by the Office of State after the Adammic National Party challenged the incumbent Delegate, Emperor Adam I. Based on its interpretation of the Supreme Directive, the Office of State declared that the electorate would consist of the governors of all seven colonies plus the Grand Master of the Ordo Vladius (as was discussed in our previous article). As of midnight, seven of eight votes have been cast. The results are: Emperor Adam I (LIB) – 4, Colonel Sir Cavan Garfield (ANP) – 3. However, this is not the end of the story; the terms for the election set out by the Office of State declared that the victor either had to have an absolute majority, or still be in the lead by Saturday. The Emperor is currently on the verge of this majority but would need the support of the only remaining colony which has not yet voted – Burghlia – to tip him over the edge. On the other hand, if Burghlia’s governor voted ANP, the election would end in a tie and the Ruling Council would be forced to legislate to reach a resolution. If the final vote is not cast by Saturday, however, the Emperor will win by default. The election has continued to fuel controversy – the ANP has accused the Emperor of a conflict of interest due to being Lord Chancellor and therefore counting the votes in an election in which he is a candidate. The Emperor merely offered “assurances” in response, though it is possible legislation may be being considered to address the issue.

Meanwhile, the ANP has continued to explore avenues for influencing the Ruling Council via the Colonial Council, initially proposing to “declare war” on Daniel Callaghan – a troll in the same acadamic year as the ANP and Crown Prince Daniel who vandalised the Empire’s MicroWiki pages earlier this year – before eventually settling on a motion calling on the Ruling Council to simply condemn Callaghan’s actions, which have reportedly extended to harrassment of the ANP members in recent weeks. The motion recieved the support of the Liberal Party, the Imperial Party (which unexpectedly declared that it would henceforth support all ANP policy, much to the disappointment of Sir Richard Hytholoday, who had up to that point been considered joining the party) and the independent Lord Sir Grant Hawkins and Shogun Sir Dan Pettinger, and was passed by Colonial Council with a 6-0 vote. It is expected to be considered by the Ruling Council at its next meeting this weekend.

In other news, the Office of the Emperor has expanded its staff by appointing Lord Sir Grant Hawkins as its Director of Communications and Sir Alex Helliker as the Legal Advisor to the Monarch. The latter appointment is believed to be part of preparations to develop Adammia’s extremely bare-bones judiciary, which has not heard a single case in its entire three and a half year history.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

News Report – 15th November 2016 – Adammic Columbia Returns Amidst Colonial Council Controversy

Adam I, Editor

ALLURIA – Adammia’s first political controversy began on Wednesday 9th November shortly after the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA. In a move which surprised many, the Office of the Emperor issued Decree XLIV, which withdrew diplomatic recognition of the United States. This attracted heavy criticism from Adammia’s small but vocal right-wing, some of whom are understood to be Trump supporters; the Adammic National Party condemned the decision and Sir Richard Hytholoday even went so far as to describe it as “un-micronational”. Sir Will McCracken and Sir Grant Hawkins also opposed the move. On Friday the 11th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement in which it explained its reasons for advising the Office of the Emperor to carry out the move. The MoFA suggested that it was within established practice to grant and withdraw diplomatic recognition for political reasons.

However, this did not appear to satisfy the ANP, who called on Sunday the 13th for early elections, with Sir Euan Carey stating that they no longer had confidence in the Imperial Government. Upon learning that this was impossible due to a minimum term length of 6 months imposed by the Supreme Directive, the ANP then demanded a referendum on a constitutional amendment, before eventually changing its line of attack and challenging the Emperor’s position as Delegate of the Colonies, his Ruling Council seat. The ANP nominated its leader Sir Cavan Garfield in an election – the first of its kind in Adammic history – for the seat, which the Emperor is also standing for re-election in. This type of election involves often-forgotten sections of the Supreme Directive – the governor of each colony is given a vote, as well as the leaders of other “major groups” of abroad citizens recognised by the Office of State, which currently includes only the Ordo Vladius.

Yesterday, the Office of the Emperor issued Decree XLV. This saw the former Colony of Adammic Columbia returning to the Empire after defecting to the Holy Roman Empire in August. The colony’s governor Lord Sir Grant Hawkins stated his intent to return to Adammic politics, citing his dissatisfaction with the Holy Roman Empire. With this, Adammia has regained its overseas presence, with Adammic Columbia being located in Ohio, USA and is therefore the only Adammic territory not located in Great Britain. The Decree also created a new colony, Midgard, which is to be led by Colonel Sir Will McCracken, former Legate of Borealia. Midgard is a small territory located at McCracken’s university accommodation in Loughborough, UK. Finally, the Decree reaffirmed an executive decision taken on the 4th of November to expand the relatively new colony of Alluria, bringing its total number of residents up to 4. The Empire now has 22 territorial residents and is fast catching up to the total it previously held before Borealia become independent earlier this year.

This means that there are now seven Adammic colonies – factoring in the Ordo Vladius’ vote, this gives eight total votes in the upcoming Delegate of the Colonies election. The Emperor is believed to have the upper hand at securing re-election, with Alluria (which he represents on the Colonial Council), the Ordo Vladius and Dearneland likely on his side. His opponent Garfield will have the support of ANP-controlled El Grandens and Kappania. The specifics of how the election will be carried out are not yet clear, but the Office of State is expected to make an announcement in the coming days. Certainly, the whole controversy has highlighted for the first time the differences between the more centrist factions which control the Ruling Council and the emerging Adammic right-wing which exerts heavy influence over many of Adammia’s colonies.

In other news, the event known as the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz which has become a popular feature of Adammic cultural events at White Gold Palace such as Foundation Day and the State Opening of Council has launched a spin-off event: the Emperor’s Fabulous Pub Quiz. Like the original, it is hosted by Emperor Adam I, but this is a more adult-oriented version which takes place in Alluria for fellow University of Birmingham students. Due to its more adult nature, it is more similar to the event which inspired it – the World Famous Pub Quiz at the Insomnia Gaming Festival – than the original Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz, which is toned down to be more family-friendly. The inaugural Pub Quiz took place on the 4th of November and had 10 participants, including Sir Alex Helliker, notable for being a member of the Ordo Vladius and the first ever person to sign up for Adammic citizenship, just one day after Adammia was founded over 3 and a half years ago – he is coincidentally also attending the University of Birmingham. The winners of the quiz were “Quizlamic State”; a full table of results can be seen here (contains some adult language).

November 2016 Adammia FM music playlist

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

News Report – 30th October 2016 – Citizen Count and Treasury Balance Break 100 Mark as Budget is Approved

Adam I, Editor

WILLIAM WAY, Maternia – Adammia’s total number of registered citizens and the balance of the Imperial Treasury have both broken the 100 mark in the past few days for the very first time. On the 20th of October, the Office of the Emperor announced that the total number of citizens (the population of full citizens plus honourary citizens) had reached 100. This comes following a surge in applications from university friends and former school friends of the Emperor, who recently opened a Facebook account for the first time. The current total now sits at 105. Meanwhile, after Contributions were collected for October and tax revenues were received from the lucrative third quarter yesterday, the balance of His Majesty’s Imperial Treasury settled at £101.78, breaking the £100 mark.

In other news, the Ruling Council met at White Gold Palace yesterday for its 56th meeting. The main focus of the meeting was public finance, with the Liberal Party tabling the Public Finance Act 2016. This Act has transferred authority over public spending, the Contributions monthly rate and the company tax rate from the Minister of Finance to the Ruling Council. The Council must now pass an annual Budget for each financial year, though money can also be allocated through an Emergency Appropriation approved by the Cabinet and the Office of the Emperor – however, the Ruling Council can vote to cancel an Emergency Appropriation. Now, if no Budget has been approved by one month after the financial year has begun and there is no Emergency Appropriation in effect, a government shutdown will begin, when the Imperial Government will begin shutting down non-essential services, and if this is still the case after six months, early elections will be called.

The Act was followed by the actual Budget itself for the 2016-17 financial year. The Emperor announced that the Liberal Party had set a target of £100 of spending for the coming year, noting that with an average annual income of £70, this would cause a deliberate budget deficit of around £30, taking the balance of the Treasury down from £80 to £50 by the end of the year. The Emperor stressed that the current Treasury balance meant that a lot of money was sitting unused in the Treasury which has increased year on year – a budget surplus has been run continuously since the Empire’s foundation. After some discussion on spending priorities, the following Budget 2016: £14 to the Ministry of Information, which will cover website costs for (which is currently down); £25 to the Cabinet Office, which will fund a new fabric flag from the Lostislandic business MicroFlag; £20 to the Ministry of Science and Technology to fund new parts for AISA’s Project Andromeda; £20 to the Ministry of Finance which will be donated to various charities; £20 to the Ministry of Culture to help fund events such as the New Year’s Eve quiz and Foundation Day; and finally £20 set aside for the Ministry of Defence as a potential fund for military equipment – the Emperor suggested a model under which the MoD covers parts of the cost of military equipment to help subsidise the cost for the servicemen who would the majority of the costs. The total appropriated spending came to £119, though it remains to be seen how much of this will actually be used.

Two other minor points were covered by the Cabinet immediately following the Council meeting: the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister was relocated from Watertopia to Tytannia as it had been forgotten during the previous Cabinet meeting. The Emperor also announced that he was resigning as Chief Constable of the Adammic Police Force due to his move from Primoria to Alluria – Minister of Defence Prince Jake appointed himself as the Emperor’s replacement in the role.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

News Report – 15th October 2016 – Government Offices Relocate

Adam I, Editor

ALLURIA – The Empire of Adammia Twitter account earlier today announced that the Emperor was relocating the headquarters of most of the government ministries, agencies, companies and other entities that he directly runs from his former office in the Imperial Household in Adamsville to his residence in the new colony of Alluria. Amongst the bodies being moved were the Office of the Emperor, the Office of State, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Adammic Express and the Liberal Party. The full list can be read here. Notably, the Adammic Police Force HQ and the Imperial Institute of History have both remained in Adamsville, raising the prospect that the Emperor may soon resign as Chief Constable of the APF and have the Minister of Defence, Prince Jake, give the role to someone who is still living in the provinces. The Adammic Imperial Space Agency had its headquarters moved to the Empire’s capital, Imperial City, where most of its equipment is stored.

In other news, the Office of the Emperor granted an Imperial Warrant of Appointment earlier today to Mast-Jägermeister S.E., as the Emperor’s official manufacturer of alcoholic spirits. This is the first IWA that has been granted since April 2015. A full list of companies with a warrant can be seen here.

Adammia FM October 2016 music playlist

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

News Report – 8th October 2016 – Empire Expands With New Colony Alluria

Adam I, Editor

ALLURIA – In the past few minutes, Emperor Adam I has signed an Imperial Decree claiming a new Colony of the Empire, known as Alluria. This new colony currently encompasses the Emperor’s room (F) and the neighbouring room (E) belonging to Colonel Luca Panconi, who has just been recruited into the Adammic Army as the commanding officer of the newly formed 5th Infantry Regiment. The decree contains provisions to expand the colony to the rest of the Emperor’s flat and two nearby flats, which will likely happen as the rest of the Emperor’s flatmates apply for Adammic citizenship. Tomorrow, Emperor Mother Jayne and new Prime Minister Sir Paul McKenna are due to visit the new colony. The Emperor is expected to discuss with the PM plans for the upcoming 2016-17 budget, which the Liberal Party is pushing to be the Empire’s biggest budget yet. More details on this are likely to become available after the October Ruling Council meeting in a few weeks’ time.

The 2015-16 financial year ended on the 30th of September and the Ministry of Finance has since collected all of the necessary data to publish its reports for the year. The annual GDP was reported at £118.75, a recession of 6.14% from 2014-15. Government income was reported at £61.44 with expenses at £44. A full breakdown can be read here.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

News Report – 30th September 2016 – National Sport Changed as Emperor Moves to University

EDGBASTON, West Midlands – On the 10th of September, the Ruling Council met at White Gold Palace and voted to approve the Esports Act 2016 proposed by the Liberal Party. This has officially changed the National Sport of Adammia from auto racing to Esports (the term used to describe competitive video gaming). This is the second time that the National Sport was changed – the original sport was fencing, which was changed to auto racing in 2014. An Adammic Motor Racing Association was founded to accompany the change, but in its two years the association was never able to organise any events, despite the fact that it intended to use online racing games rather than physical races (for obvious practicality reasons). The AMRA has now been dissolved and has been replaced with the Adammic Esports Association. The AEA is reportedly looking at setting up a national Adammic team for the first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, though online battle arena game League of Legends could also be an option if there is enough interest. Unlike the AMRA’s game of choice, the official Formula 1 game series, which was only owned by a couple of Adammic citizens, CS:GO and other such games are owned by numerous citizens, making it much easier to form a team.

In other news, Emperor Adam has, in his capacity as Grand Marshal of the military, been working on two major developments for the armed forces. The first of these was the Military General Manual, published on the 6th of September after being approved by new Minister of Defence Prince Jake. This document, issued to all members of the military, was originally intended to complement the Defence Act 2015, but was put on the back burner for a year and a half before finally being completed. Then, on the 10th, the military’s rank insignia for all three branches were unveiled.

Events in Adammia have reached something of a standstill over the past two weeks due to the fact that the Emperor has now left the Imperial Household in Adamsville, Primoria in order to study at the University of Birmingham, nearly a hundred miles away. After briefing the Cabinet on the 10th, leaving instructions on what to do in his absence with regards to collecting contributions and taxes, the Emperor moved into student accommodation on the 18th. However, there is still much planned for the near future. An Adammic colony will soon be set up at the Emperor’s accommodation, which could also potentially bring new people to the Empire if the Emperor’s flatmates agree to join the colony. Colonel Sir Will McCracken also moved to the University of Loughborough yesterday and it is hoped that another colony will be set up there, although tweets from the official Mohawk Twitter account about the creation of a Midlands branch of the Mohawks means there could be some competing influence from the Empire’s allies in Devon. The Emperor will also be returning to the provinces for one weekend in October to chair the Ruling Council and assess the administrative situation. Today marks the end of the 2015-16 fiscal year in Adammia and the Ministry of Finance will be aiming to publish its annual Treasury and economic reports as soon as possible.

Adammia FM September 2016 music playlist

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

News Report – 31st August 2016 – Paul McKenna Elected Prime Minister as Adammic Columbia Defects

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – After a tense few days following the 2016 National Election in which the votes were tied at 11 for each candidate, the colony of Kappania finally declared on the 18th, giving a final vote to Labour candidate Sir Paul McKenna. The Office of State promptly declared him the victor of the election and he has now become Adammia’s second Prime Minister, succeeding his partner, the Moderate candidate Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher.

On Saturday the 20th, the State Opening of Council took place in White Gold Palace in Imperial City. The new Prime Minister appointed his Cabinet, which keeps most of the same ministers from the Emperor Mother’s administration. Emperor Mother Jayne has been moved to Citizenship, Emperor Adam has gained the Infrastructure portfolio, and Prince Jake has become a Cabinet minister for the first time with the Defence remit. Sir Reginald Hall has once again become Deputy Prime Minister, replacing Madam Julie Foster. McKenna has also decided to appoint non-Cabinet junior ministers for the first time, inviting Sir Matthew Foster to be a junior MoD minister, although it is currently unknown if Foster will accept this position. Alongside the Emperor’s usual State Opening speech, a buffet and the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz both took place. The Quiz, the second iteration after its debut last New Year’s Eve, had 11 participants and was won by “Fab 3”, consisting of Lord Sir Andrew Hall, Madam Julie Foster and Sir David Hall.

The Ruling Council meeting which hosted the State Opening of Council considered an Act forwarded by the Colonial Council’s ANP majority, calling for a referendum to change to the national anthem to Succ by Sir Cavan Garfield’s musical persona Succ. The Emperor expressed his opinion that a change of national anthem was not needed, to which members of the Council seemed to agree, but then the Council surprisingly voted to pass the Act anyway. After the Emperor criticised the Council’s tendency to mindlessly vote in support of every motion put to it without paying attention to the actual question, Emperor Mother Jayne agreed that the Council had not understood the motion, and the first result was declared void on these grounds. A second vote was then taken in which the Council unanimously rejected the Act, making it the first piece of legislation to fail to make it through the Ruling Council.

Footage of the State Opening of Council can be found here, and from the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz here.

Just ten days after Borealia voted to become independent from Adammia, Lord Sir Grant Hawkins shocked the Empire on the 11th when he announced that his colony of Adammic Columbia would also be leaving. This came after the Holy Roman Empire – a confederation led by King Quentin of Wyvern – offered Hawkins a high-ranking position in exchange for the territory. Although Emperor Adam originally planned to obtain concessions for Adammia, he eventually decided to simply let Adammic Columbia go, and fired Hawkins from his positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Office of the Emperor has begun issuing “Certificates of Arms” for citizens who have been given personal coats of arms. During the Emperor’s recent trip to Aberdeen, Sir Ciaran Campbell and Madam Chloe Robertson recieved certificates, followed by Princess Rebecca of Burghlia, Sir Toby McCrae and Madam Charley Benson shortly afterwards at the 58th Insomnia Gaming Festival in Birmingham, and Lord Sir Andrew Hall and Sir Reginald Hall earlier today.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

News Report – 13th August 2016 – Election Day Live Feed

Adam I, Editor

15 Aug 00:16
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The standard deadline for declaring results has expired and both El Grandens and Kappania have failed to declare, leaving the final result tied. The Office of State has announced how it intends to deal with the situation: El Grandens and Kappania will be given until next Saturday to declare; whichever colony declares first will decide the final result. Saturday is the date of the State Opening of Council, the first meeting of the new term. If there is still no clear winner by this point, the Ruling Council will likely intervene to resolve the tie. If this is the case, it is likely that the Emperor Mother will be re-appointed as Prime Minister, by virtue of having the most experience and the fact that her party, the Moderates, have more seats in the Council than Labour, therefore allowing for a more stable government than if her rival was appointed.

14 Aug 01:05
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Election day is now officially over. Counting has just taken place for non-territorials which has delivered the following result:

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 3
Paul McKenna (LAB): 4

This has left the final result in nail-biting waters with both candidates tied at 11 votes each. Only El Grandens and Kappania are yet to declare and they have 23 hours in which to do so, although this deadline may be extended if there is still no clear winner at that time. The two colonies have only two voters between them, meaning that even if they both declare, there is still a very good chance that the final result will be a tie. It is unclear what happens if this is the case, with the Supreme Directive containing no provisions for such a scenario. This election is well and truly on a knife-edge.

13 Aug 19:41
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The voting station in Tytannia has now closed. Maternia has voted and it has declared as follows:

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 2
Paul McKenna (LAB): 0

With this, the Emperor Mother regains the lead, with 8 votes to McKenna’s 7. With 15 out of 17 territorial votes now cast, the election is starting to wind down, with only the colonies of El Grandens and Kappania yet to declare. Non-territorial citizens have been voting throughout the day and are expected to provide a very strong turnout. It’s starting to look like once again the Emperor Mother could have the upper hand, but everything could still yet change in the next few hours.

13 Aug 16:06
IMPERIAL CITY, Tytannia – The polling station in Tytannia is now set up. Tytannia has declared its results, as has Watertopia, whose residents have voted by text due to not being present at the capital.

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 0
Paul McKenna (LAB): 1

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 1
Paul McKenna (LAB): 1

McKenna is currently leading by a single vote, with 7 to the Emperor Mother’s 6.

13 Aug 14:27
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Voting has just taken place in Primoria, with all the votes coming in swiftly, and a result already delcared:

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 0
Paul McKenna (LAB): 4

With this surprising result, McKenna has suddenly drawn level with the Emperor Mother, and the candidates are currently tied with 5 votes each. Suddenly it is all to play for again. Office of State staff are due to depart Adamsville for Imperial City in around half an hour in order to set up the polling station there.

13 Aug 13:53
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Counting has concluded for Myway, Dearneland and Burghlia with the following results being declared.

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 3
Paul McKenna (LAB): 1

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 1
Paul McKenna (LAB): 0

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 1
Paul McKenna (LAB): 0

These early results paint a grim picture for McKenna, with the Emperor Mother leading by 5 votes to 1. However, he is very much still in with a fighting chance and only a few subdivisions could easily tip the balance. A key result to watch out for will be at midnight when voting closes for non-territorial citizens. Non-territorials make up the largest voting subdivision, with 8 voters. The declaration for non-territorial citizens just after midnight could be the decider in this year’s contest.

13 Aug 13:24
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Polls have now opened across the Empire for El Grandens, Kappania and the non-territorial citizens. All votes have already been cast in Myway, Dearneland and Burghlia, and vote counting is expected to begin for those divisions shortly. Polls are set to open in Primoria soon, followed by Tytannia, Watertopia and Maternia at around 4pm. Ballot papers were printed at the Office of State headquarters in Adamsville last night.

More coming soon.