Paternia dissolved, new province claimed as Emperor calls 2018 election

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has just signed Decree LX, which cedes Paternia back to the United Kingdom, relocates Alluria to a new residential property, and claims a new province known as Dank-upon-Bourn. Immediately afterwards, the Emperor officially called local elections in all four provinces for Saturday the 13th of October, and the National Election for Saturday the 20th of October.

After the end of the last academic year, the residents of Paternia went their separate ways, meaning that the house is now presumably occupied by strangers and is no longer under Adammic control, which is why the province was officially disestablished. Its former residents will retain their full citizenship and voting rights. Meanwhile, Alluria has moved to a new house in the Selly Oak area, just a few hundred metres from its old location. Its population has dropped from 9 to 7, due to the fact that Commodore Daniels and Colonel Maguire are currently studying abroad for a year in the United States.

The new province, Dank-upon-Bourn, is also located in the Selly Oak area. It consists of the bedroom and garden of Lady Hermione Peace, the leader of the Dank Party. It is expected to have a population of just 1 for the forseeable future.

Nomination papers for the elections will be made available by the Office of State in the near future.


Storm hits South Adammia, with flooding near border

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – The region of South Adammia has been affected by adverse weather during the past day. In the past few hours, flash flooding hit the student community in the Birmingham suburb of Selly Oak, just a few hundred metres from the Empire’s borders.

The storm began last night at around 2am, with heavy thunder and lightning rolling in from the south. Thunderstorms have historically proven to be a rare phenomenon in Adammia, with only a small handful on record since the Empire’s foundation five years ago. Last night’s activity was perhaps Adammia’s largest thunderstorm yet, with fork lightning observed on numerous occasions.

Fork lightning seen from the window of the Office of the Emperor in Serkatia.

The thunder died down after around an hour, but returned at around 6am and at 9am. Things were then quiet for a few hours, before the storm returned again in full force starting from around 4pm, the thunder now sounding akin to cannon fire. The Emperor, returning to Serkatia from Birmingham City Centre, narrowly avoided being caught in hail which started at around 5pm, followed by sustained torrential rain. The UK Environment Agency reported that 60mm of rain fell in the space of an hour. By 7pm, reports reached the Office of the Emperor via Facebook that Bourn Brook – which separates Selly Oak from the University of Birmingham campus – had burst its banks, causing flooding along Bristol Road. For a while, this effectively cut off the Adammic provinces in Selly Oak from the university campus and from nearby Wazakhstan. Prime Minister Lord Helliker and Finance Minister Sir Owain Davies reportedly made the journey through the flooded areas, returning to Serkatia unharmed but very wet. The worst of the flooding occured around the Bristol Road / Bournbrook Road junction, less than 250 metres from Adammic territory. Tiverton and Hubert Roads were also flooded near to the swimming baths.

The flood waters are now reportedly receding. At the university campus, the Guild of Students closed early following flooding in the basement, as did the Sports Centre after the roof began leaking. Basement flooding also affected the Mechanical Engineering building, the Physics West building and the Aston Webb building, whilst a leaky roof also closed the top floor of the Library. To our knowledge nobody has been harmed by the flooding – indeed, some UoB students were seen paddling in the knee-high water and even using an inflatable dingy. UoB’s student newspaper has covered the flooding in detail here. To our knowledge, there does not appear to have been any flooding within Adammia itself.

Parties gear up for National Election as new Council takes shape

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – After Sunday’s local elections, the political landscape is looking a little different to what we were expecting, but with the National Election only five days away, Adammia’s parties have little time to rest. The big stories to come out of the locals include the surprise election of independent candidate Sir Jack Sykes in Alluria and the apparent death of the Labour Party.

With both Greater Tytannia and Serkatia only being contested by a single party each – Liberal and Moderate respectively – we were looking to Alluria and Paternia to provide a bit more excitement during what has historically been one of the more dull and predictable parts of the Adammic election cycle. By the eve of the local elections, it had become apparent that Paternia would not providing any of this excitement, as a lack of candidates forced the Emperor to ask the province’s Duchess, Admiral Ems Simpson, to contest the seat unopposed. In Alluria, however, we had the opposite story – for the first time in history, a local election was contested by three different candidates. Colonel Sir Zak Maguire stood for the Moderates, Commodore Sir Joe Daniels for the Liberals, and Sir Jack Sykes as an independent candidate. Interestingly, it was Sykes who won with 4 votes, ahead of Maguire and Daniels who gained 2 votes each.

With Paternia apparently providing fewer potential politicians than the Emperor had been expecting, it is understood that he has begun exploring alternative avenues to fill the holes in the new Council, bringing Callum Gurr, the Chair of the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats society of which the Emperor is the Secretary, on board as the new Duke of Paternia. As unsuccessful election candidates, Maguire and Daniels have also been given seats, as the new Dukes of Serkatia and Greater Tytannia respectively, as part of an Imperial Decree issued earlier this evening. The same decree made Sir Alex Helliker the Archduke of South Adammia, to compensate him for having the Duke of Serkatia title being taken from him.

The state of play as it stands is as follows: the Liberals have 4 seats (The Emperor, General Sir Luca Panconi, Daniels and Gurr), the Moderates have 2 seats (Helliker and Maguire), the Nuclear So-and-so Party 1 seat (Simpson) and Sykes sits as the sole independent member. There are 2 seats remaining to be filled: the Delegate of Abroad Citizens and the Delegate of the Colonies, the two “miscellaneous” seats; the process of filling them is expected to begin on Thursday. Clearly we can see that the Liberals have done well so far, perhaps better than they were expecting, due to the fact that some of their seats were originally expected to be taken by Paternian residents who were not expected to join the Liberals. The Moderates have done okay, with Maguire now on board as the party’s first deputy leader, but they have probably lost out as a result of Paternia’s political apathy; the same can probably be said of the Nuclear So-and-so Party. Particularly dramatic is the failure of the Labour Party to gain any new members in the new provinces – and therefore no seats at all on the new Council so far. The final two seats up for grabs could be vital: if they both go Liberal, a party will have a majority on the Ruling Council for the first time ever; if they both go Nuclear, this new and relatively minor party will be transformed into a major player; if even one of them is taken by a Labour member, this ailing party will be thrown a lifeline. If nobody in or near the new provinces joins Labour soon, the party will find itself in the same situation as the ANP – effectively consigning it to the history books.

There is, of course, a bigger story, and that is the upcoming National Election, which will actually decide who the Prime Minister will be for the coming term. The Liberal Party – traditionally the most formal and organised of Adammia’s parties – kicked of its preparations with a two-day special conference held via Facebook Messenger, starting on Monday and closing on Tuesday. On the first day of the conference, a motion was passed to amend the party’s constitution, firstly removing the one-week conference motion deadline in the interests of flexibility, and secondly allowing for motions of no confidence in party officers. The latter was included as a mechanism to force the party leader Prince Jake to step down; as a resident of the old Yorkshire territories, it is no longer possible for him to participate in Adammic politics, and naturally the Liberals would want a leader who is actually eligible to run for Prime Minister. However, this mechanism turned out not to be necessary, as Prince Jake resigned on Sunday. Therefore, the party conference simply had to elect a new leader on Monday evening, with General Sir Luca Panconi taking up the position unopposed. Then, on Tuesday, the conference approved the new party manifesto for the upcoming election; the manifesto is mostly similar to the one it used in August’s election, but with a few new key policies – namely rejoining the GUM as a full member, changing the voting system from first-past-the-post to alternative vote, and creating non-binary gender alternatives for titles and styles.

The other parties have been a little slower to get started, but we do at least know who their prime-ministerial candidates will be – we understand that the Nuclear So-and-So Party has already nominated Admiral Simpson, with Sir Alex Helliker expecting to follow suit for the Moderates within the next couple of days. There’s still no sign of any manifestos from either of those parties yet, however. At any rate, as with all previous national elections, the Adammic Express intends to conduct written interviews with the candidates, and we expect these to go live the day before the election.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

Panconi fires starting pistol by joining Liberals

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – The Liberal Party have gotten a foothold in the new Ruling Council after General Sir Luca Panconi, the Duke of Alluria, joined the party last night, becoming the first of the new wave of Adammic politicians to declare their party affiliation. We now know that the Liberals will control at least two out of the ten seats on the new Council, with Panconi joining the Emperor, who is currently the party’s administrative president and chief whip.

In related news, earlier tonight the Office of the Emperor issued an Imperial Decree on dual residency for macronational higher education students. It allows such students to have term-time and holiday addresses, and permits them to run as a local election candidate in either province if those addresses are in separate provinces (though they may not run in both simultaneously). This will allow the Emperor to stand for election in Greater Tytannia, where his holiday address is located. Indeed, shortly after the Decree was signed, the Emperor became the first approved candidate of the November local elections, as the Liberal candidate for Greater Tytannia. The unusual nature of Greater Tytannia, as a province which is geographically far away from the new Council’s meeting place, means that the Emperor is realistically the only person who can represent it, and as such the Decree was necessary in order for Greater Tytannia to elect a Councilor who can actually attend Ruling Council meetings. This has essentially made Greater Tytannia a very safe Liberal seat, though it should be remembered that historically, most Ruling Council seats have been considered “safe” as they rarely change hands.

It is understood that the Emperor has begun talking to potential future politicians in the new provinces, encouraging them to begin thinking about standing in elections and about which party they might choose to join – the Liberals, the Moderates, Labour, or perhaps creating their own, new party. With Panconi joining the Liberals, they have gotten the head-start with at least two seats in the bag. The Moderates don’t have any seats confirmed yet, however we have reason to believe that they may stand a good chance of recruiting members across Serkatia, Alluria and Paternia, and could easily overtake the Liberals if there is enough interest. A party which could be in trouble is Labour – already in a bad position when they slid from 1st to 3rd place at the August national election, we expect that they may only pick up one or two seats on the new Council. However, this is all still extremely early speculation – as Sir Reginald Hall showed when he unexpectedly founded the Labour Party in 2015, there could be some surprising decisions ahead. For example, we still don’t know if anyone will form a new party of their own yet. This could happen if political views diverge away from the historic centrist consensus which has dominated Adammic politics for the past four years.

The old party leaderships will be expected to give way to a newer generation once members begin to trickle in. Could Panconi, as the first Liberal in new Council besides the Emperor, take over from Prince Jake as the party’s leader and prime-ministerial candidate? If nobody else joins the Liberals, almost certainly. However, if the Liberals pick up more members, the party could face an interesting internal election. Until more Moderate or Labour members come into play, we won’t have any idea who might be taking over from Emperor Mother Jayne or Sir Reginald Hall as the leaders of those parties.

The local elections are scheduled for the 12th of November, one week from today, so expect the coming week to be full of news stories. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

Transition Day: Fourth Amendment Passes as Sun Sets on First Era

Adam I, Editor

MATERNIA, Greater Tytannia – Yesterday marked a historic moment when the Ruling Council met in Tytannia for the last time and passed the Empire of Adammia Act 2017, completely reorganising the Empire’s structure. Simultaneously, citizens voted across the Empire in a referendum on a proposed Fourth Amendment to the Supreme Directive at very short notice, which passed overwhelmingly with 19 votes in support and 1 against (turnout was 54%).

Emperor Adam I signs the Empire of Adammia Act 2017

For the past four weeks since the September Ruling Council meeting, the government has been in a transitional period in order to prepare for the handover, during which time it has been particularly quiet. His Imperial Majesty the Emperor was at the centre of the discussions involved in preparing for a new government being set up in the new Birmingham territories. It is understood that progress was slow in these preparations, especially in terms of registering new citizens, which led to the standard citizenship application process being suspended on Friday, with citizenship instead being granted directly by the Emperor, hearkening back to the early days of the Empire. A last-minute rush to finish the preparations saw a crunch meeting between the Emperor and his legal advisor Sir Alex Helliker in a temporary operations room in South Alluria in order to complete the proposed Fourth Amendment. A press release was issued announcing that a new colony, Paternia, had been set up a short distance from Alluria. This was followed by the Office of the Emperor working until 5am on Saturday morning to finish the speech for the imminent dissolution of V Legislature.

Once the Emperor had travelled back to the old provinces from South Alluria on Saturday morning, polls opened in the hastily-announced referendum on the Fourth Amendment. The amendment’s explanatory notes summarise its purpose: the minimum term length was to be reduced from six months to one month so as to allow for early elections after the transition, whilst the required number of Council meetings was reduced from one per month to two per year to allow for a recess during the summer holidays, when most of the members of the new Council won’t be in Birmingham. The amendment also contains a number of small technical adjustments to clarify ambiguities in the relatively archaic original document.

During the early evening, the Ruling Council convened in White Gold Palace for its 68th meeting. After quickly approving the Treasury & Economic Report and the Imperial Decree creating Paternia, the Council turned its attention to the Empire of Adammia Act 2017, the legislation which would enact the handover to the new Birmingham administration. Going forward, there are to be four provinces: Greater Tytannia, Serkatia, Alluria and Paternia. Of these, Greater Tytannia is the only province in the Empire’s old heartlands, consisting of the former provinces of Tytannia, Maternia, Primoria and Watertopia; individually, these old provinces are now counties within Greater Tytannia. Myway, on the other hand, has been downgraded to a Colony. In Birmingham, the two halves of the Colony of Alluria have become two provinces: South Alluria is now known as Serkatia, whilst North Alluria is now simply Alluria. The new colony of Paternia was also upgraded to a province. The old regions of West and East Adammia have been replaced by North Adammia (the old northern heartlands in Greater Tytannia and Myway) and South Adammia (the new Birmingham provinces of Serkatia, Alluria and Paternia). The Act also instructed the Imperial Institute of History to define that date as the final day of the First Era of Adammic history, bringing it to an end after four and a half years and starting the Second Era.

The Council passed the Act 6-0, and the Emperor moved on to the plenary item which would dissolve V Legislature early, ahead of fresh local elections in the new provinces. After giving a long speech in which he reflected on the Empire’s achievements throughout the First Era, the Emperor adjourned the meeting, and signed the Empire of Adammia Act 2017 at 18:22. At that instant, the vast majority of members of the Council lost their seats, many of which have been held continuously for over four years. With most of the Cabinet unable to continue to serve accordingly, the Emperor met with Prime Minister Prince Jake to put together a provisional Cabinet, which will be in place for three weeks until a National Election can be held. This provisional Cabinet consists of Prince Jake (temporarily Duke of Greater Tytannia, who will leave the Council once his successor as PM is elected) as Prime Minister and Minister of National Development, Sir Alex Helliker (temporarily Duke of Serkatia) as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Emperor Adam I (Delegate of the Colonies) as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Admiral Ems Simpson (Duchess of Paternia) as Minister of Defence.

The Fourth Amendment is expected to be signed by the Emperor and come into effect later tonight, at which point local elections for all four new provinces are expected to be called for the 12th of November and a National Election for the 19th of November. Just like under the old regime, each Province sends two representatives to the Council, and there are two miscellaneous delegates, meaning there will be 10 members of the new Council. So far, we only know who four of them will be: the Emperor, Sir Alex Helliker (currently a Duke but expected to switch to being a Councilor), Admiral Simpson, and the Duke of Alluria, General Sir Luca Panconi. The remaining six seats are up for grabs; several are expected to go to residents of Paternia, who are understood to be keen to get involved, whilst Alluria will also be sending at least one other representative when it elects its Councilor – former governor Madam Anna Darke would probably stand the best chance of winning that seat if she decides to run, although there may be other interested Allurians too. At this stage, until the composition of the new Council is known, it is a little early to be speculating who might win the National Election and become the next Prime Minister, although it is believed that both Helliker and Simpson are considering running. A huge variable will be how political parties take shape in the new landscape – will the old Liberal, Moderate and Labour parties be able to continue their legacy, or will they slide into obscurity as new parties rise to power? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – a new chapter of Adammic history has begun, and the next few weeks are going to be very interesting indeed.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

Alluria Relocated and Partitioned, Boosting Population

Adam I, Editor

SOUTH ALLURIA – Last night, the Office of the Emperor issued Imperial Decree LI, which moved the Colony of Alluria from its original location in Edgbaston, Birmingham to nearby Selly Oak.

DH7arp9XkAA3nSv.jpg large
The garden of South Alluria.

Alluria was originally founded in October 2016 in order to claim the halls of residence where the Emperor was living during his first year of study at the University of Birmingham. Several flatmates of the Emperor joined the colony, such as Sir Luca Panconi, who became the General of the 2nd Infantry Division, and Madam Anna Darke, who became the colony’s Governor in March 2017. In June, the residents of Alluria vacated the territory and have since been moving in to new housing. Decree LI divides the colony into two counties, North Alluria and South Alluria. The former is the new residence of Darke, Panconi and several other Adammic citizens, whilst the latter is the new residence of the Emperor and Sir Alex Helliker, who was the Empire’s first ever citizen (besides the Emperor himself) and is now the Emperor’s legal advisor. The Emperor and Helliker met online before the Empire was founded, but coincidentally both began studying at the University of Birmingham last year. Panconi has been made Count of North Alluria, whilst Helliker has been made Count of South Alluria. Darke remains the colony’s overall governor.

Both of the counties in this new iteration of Alluria consist of a single terraced house each, and are just over 400 metres apart as the crow flies. As a result of the move, a number of honourary citizens – friends of Allurian residents last year who have now moved in with them in North Alluria – are now living in the colony and as such have been automatically upgraded to full citizenship. This has boosted the Empire’s population to 34, up from 30.

The Emperor moved from his summer residence in Adamsville, Primoria to what is now South Alluria on the 23rd of August, and the Office of the Emperor has now fully set up its operations there, along with the many agencies and organisations the Emperor also runs.

Decree LI appears to be the first phase of the plan the Emperor announced in his State Opening of Council speech to “aggressively” expand the Empire’s Birmingham operations with the aim of relocating most government functions there by the New Year. The Adammic Express understands that there are more interested parties in the area who could soon be joining the Empire.