Local Elections Yield Few Surprises

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Local elections took place as scheduled today for the provinces of Tytannia, Primoria and Maternia, in which all the incumbents held their seats as predicted. The result in Tytannia, a province with only one resident, is of course inevitable, and there was also no change in vote share in Primoria. In Maternia, Labour’s Sir Paul McKenna was able to tie Moderate incumbent Emperor Mother Jayne, the first time a local election had been tied since Sapientia in 2013; it was resolved by a coin toss which landed in the Emperor Mother’s favour.

It is not yet known exactly when Watertopia and Myway will be holding local elections. The Moderate incumbent for Watertopia, Madam Julie Foster, will be on holiday in the Alps for the next two weekends with Emperor Mother Jayne, so it will probably take until early August before she can meet with the Lord Chancellor to sign her nomination papers. Last year’s candidates in Myway – the Labour incumbent Eleanor Hall and Liberal candidate Madam Debbie Shaw – have also not yet met with the Lord Chancellor and it is unknown when they will do so. However, the Office of State is aiming to have all local elections complete before the State Opening of Council, on the 19th of August.

Attention will now turn to the National Election in four weeks’ time. So far the only confirmed candidate is Prince Jake, the first ever Liberal prime-ministerial candidate. Labour and the Moderates will likely announce their candidates in one to three weeks; their most likely options will be their previous candidates: the current Prime Minister Sir Paul McKenna and former Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne – although an upset could be possible, if, for example, they choose not to run, or in a less likely scenario, their parties refuse to back them and instead nominate different candidates.