The Adammic Express Rebooted

Dear Readers,

After several months on hiatus, we’ve decided to bring back the Adammic Express. As you will see, we’ve completely revamped the visual design of the website. From now on, we’re going to be doing things a little differently. Instead of writing one big article every few weeks summarising all the news from across the Empire, we’re now aiming to instead produce shorter but more frequent articles, dealing with each news item one at a time. This should allow us to better distribute our workload, examine particular topics in more detail, and reduce the delay between events and our reporting of said events.

Later, we will be publishing a summary of the news over the past four months. From then on, we will be operating under the new format. We believe that these changes will breathe new life into the Adammic Express and we hope that you enjoy what we have in store.

-Emperor Adam I, Editor of the Adammic Express