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Liberal-Moderate Party has a turbulent start

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – With votes of the Liberal and Moderate party memberships having concluded this evening with narrow majorities in favour of merging, the new Liberal-Moderate Party has now been officially registered with the Office of State – but already Sir Callum Gurr has resigned his party membership, and the leadership is reportedly braced for further defections.

The issue of merging divided both parties, with the left of the Liberal Party and the right of the Moderate Party both resisting the proposal. The vote passed the Liberal Conference by 3 votes to 2, and the Moderates passed it on the exact same numbers. Besides Gurr, big names to oppose the merger included Liberal leader and Deputy PM Lord General Luca Panconi, and former Minister of National Development Sir Zak Maguire.

In a final statement to the Liberal Conference, Gurr said:
“It is with a heavy heart that I must resign my membership of the former Adammic Liberal Party. I am astounded that [the Emperor] will kowtow to the whims of Mr Helliker and feed off the tiny scraps of liberalism that are given to him. I must conclude that until another party takes up the baton, this merger spells the end of the great liberal tradition within Adammia. Shame on the Emperor for allowing such an ideological monopoly to be created by Mr Helliker and his cronies in the Moderate Party!”

Gurr’s speech comes in stark contrast to the one given by the Emperor earlier today, in which he attempted to reassure party members that liberal voices would not be diluted in the new party.

The Liberal-Moderate Party will be holding its first conference in a week’s time to elect its first President, Leader and Deputy Leader, as well as to approve its first manifesto. In the meantime, spectators will be interested to see whether anybody else follows Gurr out of the party – and if so, will they go independent, or join one of Adammia’s other political parties? More importantly – will the new party prove itself attractive enough to the electorate to win Lord Helliker a second term in two weeks’ time?


Liberal-Moderate merger vote taking place today – Live updates

Adam I, Editor

EDGBASTON – Members of Adammia’s Liberal and Moderate parties shall be voting today on whether or not they shall merge into the proposed new Liberal-Moderate Party. A special Liberal Conference has been convened via Facebook which is currently debating the merger. The Emperor, as President of the Liberal Party, is expected to make an address in favour of the proposal at around 2pm; there will no doubt be speculation as to whether Sir Callum Gurr, who resigned from the Cabinet last week in protest at the proposal, will speak against it today. The party is expected to move to a vote at around 4:30pm. Besides the Emperor and Gurr, the voting intentions of key Liberal figures is still unknown, including the party leader Lord General Panconi, who has been quiet on the issue.

Meanwhile, ballots have been sent out to Moderate Party members across the Empire in the past few minutes. The first few votes have already been returned, and early indications are that it is likely the Moderates will back the proposal. Former Moderate leader, and Adammia’s first ever Prime Minister, Emperor Mother Jayne, has endorsed the merger.

More news will follow throughout the day.

SERKATIA – The Emperor, in his capacity as President of the Liberal Party, has just delivered this address to the special conference:

“Fellow Liberals,

The reasons why this merger should go ahead are simple. The Liberal and Moderate parties now occupy almost identical ideological ground. Under Lord Helliker, the Moderates have become more liberal, and I believe we have now reached a point where it is counter-productive for us to stand against each other at elections.

I want to address the criticism of this merger which has come from both inside and outside the party. We will not be sacrificing our liberal principles by going ahead with this merger. The Moderates are not simply beige centrists – during the past government they have shown themselves to be willing to embrace bold policies. We should be careful not to blanket classify ourselves as radicals and them as non-radicals. I believe that it makes sense to be radical in some areas, and moderate in others, and that by joining forces with the Moderates, we can achieve this synthesis.

It is worth remembering that there are more Liberals than Moderates, which means that we would have a majority in the new party’s conference. Rest assured that the manifestos of the new party would continue to be bold, where it is right to be bold. Rather than silencing our liberal voices, this merger will in fact amplify them. The Moderate Party’s leader is a very liberal man. By joining forces with him, we can achieve greater electoral success and ensure that our principles remain at the heart of government. I commend the motion.”

Meanwhile, as votes continue to come in from Moderate Party members, the gap appears to have narrowed between the two options. Lord Helliker has not yet voted, and he may be waiting in case there is a tie in order to cast a deciding vote as President.

SERKATIA – The Liberal Party Conference has now begun voting on the merger. Currently, the proposing side has a narrow lead. As expected, Sir Callum Gurr became the first Liberal to vote against the motion, though it seems he has chosen not to make a statement in the debate earlier today.

SERKATIA – The Liberal Party has found itself in a state of complete deadlock after party leader Lord General Panconi, the Deputy Prime Minister, unexpectedly voted against the merger. The vote of active members is currently tied 2-2 and the party is now understood to be trying to contact inactive members, such as former leader Prince Jake, in order to resolve the deadlock.

Panconi’s decision to vote against the merger does make sense on some level, as the merger would effectively be a coup against his leadership. Since becoming party leader, Panconi has not attended a single Ruling Council meeting and has been content to leave most decision-making to his party president, Emperor Adam I. It is understood that Panconi was not consulted by the Emperor in the merger negotiations, on the assumption that the inactive leader would be content to quietly withdraw from Adammic politics; now, however, the party now finds itself in the uncomfortable situation of the party leader and the party president voting against each other.

At this point in time, the Liberals are going to be in an uncomfortable position whether the merger goes ahead or not. If the merger does happen, the unexpectedly high level of resistance on both the Liberal and Moderate sides could mean further resignations and defections from the fledgling Liberal-Moderates, just weeks before the crucial National Election. At this point in time, the odds of Lady Peace or Lord Maude being the next Prime Minister have shortened dramatically. On the other hand, if the merger fails, the Liberals face an awkwardly divided party executive, and little clear direction for the future.

It is understood that former Liberal leader and former PM Prince Jake has voted in favour, meaning that the merger proposal has narrowly passed the Liberal Conference by 3 votes to 2. The Moderate vote is expected to conclude soon, with a similarly narrow result in favour expected. It appears as though the merger will go ahead – but with much less support from the members than the party leaderships will have been hoping for.

Lord Gurr resigns from Cabinet over Liberal-Moderate merger plan

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – His Grace Lord Sir Callum Gurr resigned earlier today as Minister of Citizenship & Information after it was announced that the Liberal and Moderate parties are to vote on a merger. Prime Minister Lord Helliker has appointed Colonel Sir Asher Bond as an interim replacement.

Lord Gurr (right) with the Emperor (centre) and the PM (left) in Birmingham in June.

This afternoon, a press release was issued by Liberal party president Emperor Adam I, confirming that he and Moderate president Lord Helliker had agreed on a merger proposal for their two parties. In a week’s time, members of both parties are due to vote on whether or not to accept the proposal. The Emperor stated that the two parties working together “productively” in the coalition government, and them occupying “almost identical ideological ground”, were the reasons for the merger.

Soon after the announcement, Lord Gurr stated on Twitter that he would be “opposing this with every fibre of [his] being”, and he shortly afterwards communicated his resignation to the government. Sir Asher Bond, who is the Delegate of Abroad Citizens and is politically independent, will now serve as interim Minister of Citizenship & Information until the next national election, which is expected in a few weeks. Commenting on his successor’s appointment, Lord Gurr said that it was a sign of a “a weak government papering over the cracks by paying off Independents.”

The dramatic resignation – the first time in Adammic history that a cabinet minister has resigned – raises a number of questions. Is the merger project now in jeopardy? Lord Gurr has stated his intention to vote against the motion at next week’s special Liberal Conference, and as with all micronational political parties, the Liberals are a small party where a single vote could swing the result. The Emperor remained optimistic, saying that he expected the motion to pass – but he will no doubt be keen to ensure that some of the party’s less active members in Alluria, Greater Tytannia and Myway are able to vote.

If the motion does pass, what happens next? Will Lord Gurr cross the floor and defect to another party, and if so, which? It is understood that the Nuclear So-and-so Party is already courting the disgruntled former minister, who was a critic of the coalition agreement even during his time in government. Meanwhile, Lady Peace’s Dank Party has been quick to exploit the Liberal divisions, with Peace commenting “#liberalnotmoderate” in an apparent attempt to draw parallels with an ongoing identity crisis of sorts within the UK Liberal Democrats. Much like their British counterparts, the Adammic Liberals do tend to see themselves as a “radical liberal” party and may be wary of embracing the “moderate” label.

With Paternia expected to be ceded back to the United Kingdom within a matter of days, Gurr will soon no longer sit on the Ruling Council, so he may not be able to cause the government too much trouble even if he does defect. However, a high-profile resignation just a few weeks before the election will no doubt cause some embarrassment for the ruling coalition, and it is probably not the start they were hoping for for the merger project.

Helliker leads Moderates back to power and becomes Adammia’s 4th PM

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – The final results of Sunday’s National Election have confirmed that Sir Alex Helliker, the Archduke of South Adammia, has been elected as the fourth Prime Minister of the Empire of Adammia, after winning 39.3% of the popular vote. He is the first Moderate Party Prime Minister since Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, Adammia’s inaugural PM and the party’s first leader, was defeated by Labour’s Sir Paul McKenna in 2016.

Helliker, with 11 votes, finished ahead of Admiral Ems Simpson of the newly-founded Nuclear So-and-so Party, who received 9 votes or 32.1%. The Liberal Party, who won the last election under their previous leader Prince Jake, slid back into third place as their new leader, General Sir Luca Panconi, received 8 votes or 28.6%.

Graph of the popular vote.

All three candidates won a majority of votes within their respective home provinces, with over half of Liberal votes coming from Alluria alone. However, what Helliker seems to have managed to do which the other candidates didn’t was achieve a consistent level of support across most of the Empire, beyond his home province. Dearneland and El Grandens were the only subdivisions where Helliker didn’t receive any votes (and El Grandens didn’t cast any votes at all).

Turnout was at a record low for a National Election, at two-thirds of the electorate exactly. However, in absolute terms, this was actually Adammia’s largest ever election, with 28 votes cast. Whilst there were many citizens voting for the first time, especially in Alluria and Paternia, turnout was exceptionally low in Greater Tytannia. Communications difficulties made it difficult to send ballots to some of the citizens there, who might not use the Internet often and would historically have voted in person, which is no longer possible now that the Office of State is operating out of Birmingham, many miles away from Greater Tytannia.

Graph of election results since 2013.

Helliker’s first decision as Prime Minister will be how to form a Cabinet. In order to get enough members to provide a full Cabinet, and to provide a majority in the Ruling Council, it seems likely that the Moderates will form a coalition with the Liberal Party; such a coalition would control 6 out of 10 Council seats. If this happens, it would leave the Nuclear So-and-so Party as the main opposition party, making Admiral Simpson the Leader of the Opposition.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

Moderate and Nuclear Parties Launch Manifestos

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – Yesterday, the Moderate Party and the Nuclear So-and-so Party both launched their official manifestos for the National Election which is due to be held tomorrow.

Moderate leader Sir Alex Helliker sent a copy of his party’s manifesto to the Adammic Express last night. The party is running on three key policies: legal reform, the introduction of a Marriage Act, and the introduction of Bitcoin as an official currency. Despite the relatively small number of policies, each has been explored and explained in depth, and the manifesto even contains a full foreword written by Helliker, something we haven’t seen a party do until now. The first section, covering legal reform, is broad, and here the Moderates share some ground with the Liberal Party; for example, both parties want to introduce an “Attorney General” role to represent the government in court. The Moderate plan to convert the funds of the Treasury from Pound Sterling to Bitcoin could be a little more controversial. The Emperor has often put his preference for Pound Sterling on record, arguing that it makes transactions with British businesses easier; the Liberals will probably say that Bitcoin is too volatile for the Treasury, and we could already be looking at the kind of legislative battle within the Ruling Council which we never saw at all during the First Era.

Meanwhile, the newly-founded Nuclear So-and-so Party launched its first manifesto in a tweet by party leader Admiral Ems Simpson. The party has endorsed a varied range of often eccentric policies: the flagship proposal is to arm Adammia with tiny nuclear weapons, alluding to the party’s name. Some policies are more realistic: enshrining civil liberties regarding recreational drug use and sex work into law, the creation of an educational programme, and the promotion of the arts. A potential referendum on a new national anthem could raise eyebrows – could this end up as a repeat of when the ANP tried to force a referendum on making a vaporwave song the national anthem in 2016? Hidden at the bottom of the manifesto was a major pledge on constitutional reform – adopting the Additional Member System for voting. They’re not the only party seeking to change the voting system, after the Liberals announced they would be backing AV earlier in the week. A move to AMS would be a much larger leap than AV, and questions would have to be answered about how this would affect the composition of the Ruling Council; if the Nuclear So-and-so Party successfully push through AMS, it would be the biggest constitutional change in Adammia since 2013. Unusual or unrealistic policies aren’t new in Adammia – readers may recall Labour’s “state schools” pledge in the last election. Back then, Sir Paul McKenna identified that policy as serving a rhetorical purpose, and it seems reasonable to assume that this same principle applies to some of the more ambitious Nuclear proposals. Acquiring a nuclear arsenal and joining NATO and the EU can be interpreted as ideological signposts and they tell us what the party’s main values are – clearly internationalist and committed to defence. The overall sense that we get is that the Nuclear So-and-so Party has effectively claimed the Liberal Party’s place as Adammia’s most progressive party, particularly with regards to its focus on civil liberties and feminism, and this could play very well for them.

In other news, the election for the Delegate of Abroad Citizens seat took place on Thursday, which saw Asher Bond elected unopposed as an independent candidate (it is understood that Bond may be awaiting the publication of party manifestos before choosing a party to join). The only remaining local election is for the Delegate of the Colonies seat, which should be taking place at some point in the next few days; the only candidate in this election is independent Owain Davies. Once this is done, the full Ruling Council will be assembled, with the term of VI Legislature expected to start shortly after the National Election.

We understand that there has been some discontent within the province of Paternia after Imperial Decree LIV appointed Callum Gurr as the new Duke of the province. Admiral Simpson – previously Duchess of Paternia, with her title now moved to the territory of Pererria – criticised the decision on Twitter on the grounds that Gurr does not live in the province, and it seems that several Paternian citizens are backing her up. The Emperor defended the move, describing it as “standard procedure”, and saying that it was necessary to appoint a new landed noble following Simpson’s election as Councilor so that she would not hold two seats simultaneously. Although the practice of holding multiple seats was common in Adammia’s past, the Emperor ended it in 2015 when Sir Matthew Foster became Duke of Watertopia. Reportedly, the reason that the seat was given to a non-Paternian stems from the fact that no other Paternians besides Simpson were interested in joining the Ruling Council.

Attention now turns to the National Election, with polls due to open tomorrow afternoon and closing at midnight. Due to the recent complete re-organisation of the Empire and the emergence of new parties and politicians, it is impossible for us to provide a full pre-election analysis, as historical election data is now outdated. However, we believe that all three candidates stand a chance of winning and that the results could once again be very close.

Pre-election interviews with the candidates will be going live shortly. Continuous updates will be provided tomorrow as the results come in. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

Parties gear up for National Election as new Council takes shape

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – After Sunday’s local elections, the political landscape is looking a little different to what we were expecting, but with the National Election only five days away, Adammia’s parties have little time to rest. The big stories to come out of the locals include the surprise election of independent candidate Sir Jack Sykes in Alluria and the apparent death of the Labour Party.

With both Greater Tytannia and Serkatia only being contested by a single party each – Liberal and Moderate respectively – we were looking to Alluria and Paternia to provide a bit more excitement during what has historically been one of the more dull and predictable parts of the Adammic election cycle. By the eve of the local elections, it had become apparent that Paternia would not providing any of this excitement, as a lack of candidates forced the Emperor to ask the province’s Duchess, Admiral Ems Simpson, to contest the seat unopposed. In Alluria, however, we had the opposite story – for the first time in history, a local election was contested by three different candidates. Colonel Sir Zak Maguire stood for the Moderates, Commodore Sir Joe Daniels for the Liberals, and Sir Jack Sykes as an independent candidate. Interestingly, it was Sykes who won with 4 votes, ahead of Maguire and Daniels who gained 2 votes each.

With Paternia apparently providing fewer potential politicians than the Emperor had been expecting, it is understood that he has begun exploring alternative avenues to fill the holes in the new Council, bringing Callum Gurr, the Chair of the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats society of which the Emperor is the Secretary, on board as the new Duke of Paternia. As unsuccessful election candidates, Maguire and Daniels have also been given seats, as the new Dukes of Serkatia and Greater Tytannia respectively, as part of an Imperial Decree issued earlier this evening. The same decree made Sir Alex Helliker the Archduke of South Adammia, to compensate him for having the Duke of Serkatia title being taken from him.

The state of play as it stands is as follows: the Liberals have 4 seats (The Emperor, General Sir Luca Panconi, Daniels and Gurr), the Moderates have 2 seats (Helliker and Maguire), the Nuclear So-and-so Party 1 seat (Simpson) and Sykes sits as the sole independent member. There are 2 seats remaining to be filled: the Delegate of Abroad Citizens and the Delegate of the Colonies, the two “miscellaneous” seats; the process of filling them is expected to begin on Thursday. Clearly we can see that the Liberals have done well so far, perhaps better than they were expecting, due to the fact that some of their seats were originally expected to be taken by Paternian residents who were not expected to join the Liberals. The Moderates have done okay, with Maguire now on board as the party’s first deputy leader, but they have probably lost out as a result of Paternia’s political apathy; the same can probably be said of the Nuclear So-and-so Party. Particularly dramatic is the failure of the Labour Party to gain any new members in the new provinces – and therefore no seats at all on the new Council so far. The final two seats up for grabs could be vital: if they both go Liberal, a party will have a majority on the Ruling Council for the first time ever; if they both go Nuclear, this new and relatively minor party will be transformed into a major player; if even one of them is taken by a Labour member, this ailing party will be thrown a lifeline. If nobody in or near the new provinces joins Labour soon, the party will find itself in the same situation as the ANP – effectively consigning it to the history books.

There is, of course, a bigger story, and that is the upcoming National Election, which will actually decide who the Prime Minister will be for the coming term. The Liberal Party – traditionally the most formal and organised of Adammia’s parties – kicked of its preparations with a two-day special conference held via Facebook Messenger, starting on Monday and closing on Tuesday. On the first day of the conference, a motion was passed to amend the party’s constitution, firstly removing the one-week conference motion deadline in the interests of flexibility, and secondly allowing for motions of no confidence in party officers. The latter was included as a mechanism to force the party leader Prince Jake to step down; as a resident of the old Yorkshire territories, it is no longer possible for him to participate in Adammic politics, and naturally the Liberals would want a leader who is actually eligible to run for Prime Minister. However, this mechanism turned out not to be necessary, as Prince Jake resigned on Sunday. Therefore, the party conference simply had to elect a new leader on Monday evening, with General Sir Luca Panconi taking up the position unopposed. Then, on Tuesday, the conference approved the new party manifesto for the upcoming election; the manifesto is mostly similar to the one it used in August’s election, but with a few new key policies – namely rejoining the GUM as a full member, changing the voting system from first-past-the-post to alternative vote, and creating non-binary gender alternatives for titles and styles.

The other parties have been a little slower to get started, but we do at least know who their prime-ministerial candidates will be – we understand that the Nuclear So-and-So Party has already nominated Admiral Simpson, with Sir Alex Helliker expecting to follow suit for the Moderates within the next couple of days. There’s still no sign of any manifestos from either of those parties yet, however. At any rate, as with all previous national elections, the Adammic Express intends to conduct written interviews with the candidates, and we expect these to go live the day before the election.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

Old party leaders begin to step down as new “Nuclear” party joins stage

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – With local elections now only two days away, the battle-lines of the new political landscape are starting to take shape. On Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Sir Alex Helliker joined the Moderate Party; Emperor Mother Jayne, the party president since she founded it in 2015, stepped down shortly afterwards in favour of him. We now understand that Helliker will likely be the sole candidate in Serkatia. The Liberals are also preparing for a party conference scheduled for Monday, at which they are expected to pass a motion of no confidence in their own leader, the outgoing Prime Minister Prince Jake, if he has not already resigned by then, allowing for a new leader to be elected who is local to the new provinces.

We also warned in our last article to expect the unexpected and that is exactly what’s happened after Minister of Defence Admiral Ems Simpson set up the Nuclear So-and-so Party last night. This new party is supposedly running on a left-wing platform alongside advocating for arming Adammia with nuclear weapons – hence the party’s name. This isn’t the first unusually-named party in Adammia: long-time readers may recall Sir Will McCracken’s now-defunct Imperial Skelton Party, which advocated for “healthy bones and calcium”.

Our interpretation of where the parties now fall on the classic political compass chart.

Assessing the state of play of the political parties after these recent developments, it appears that things are pretty balanced at the minute. Helliker leading the Moderate Party was not an unlikely outcome by any means, and he’s believed to be a confident public speaker which could make him very likely to become the next Prime Minister. However, for now he’s the only Moderate in Birmingham, and he’s going to have to recruit more members in Alluria and/or Paternia if the party wants to do well. The Liberals are in a similar situation: although they have the head-start with General Sir Luca Panconi joining the Emperor to give the party its second Council seat, they’re still fairly low on numbers and will be looking to recruit more, especially in Alluria. Although the new Nuclear So-and-so Party only has one confirmed member so far, it is expecting to build a considerable presence in Paternia, which could establish it as a major player very quickly. Labour, meanwhile, appear to be increasingly in serious trouble. The establishment of the Nuclear party as a rival left-wing party has effectively killed off any chances of Labour getting any traction amongst Paternia’s left-wingers, meaning that their only hope is for someone in Alluria to take on the mantle of the party’s new leader. There is also a substantial right-wing population in Paternia, and a key question yet to be answered is whether or not those people will back Helliker’s centre-right Moderate Party, or strike out on their own.

Things kicked off amongst Alluria’s politicos last night after Sir Alex Hasioszyn (former Director of Communications under Madam Anna Darke’s colonial government) announced his intention to seek the office of Minister of Finance, and launched a “smear campaign” against potential rivals for the Councilor seat for Alluria, specifically Colonel Sir Zak Maguire. Currently, Maguire has not yet announced affiliation to any party or indeed expressed any intention to participate in Adammic politics at all – was Hasioszyn too hasty? That remains to be seen. We also currently don’t know which party Hasioszyn himself intends to join – if he seeks a specific Cabinet role, at some point he’ll have to back a specific party leader, in the hopes that that person becomes Prime Minister.

Speaking of which, as the new party leaders start to step forward, we can begin to speculate who might win the National Election due in 9 days time and become Prime Minister. Currently, we’re expecting that the Moderate and Nuclear So-and-so candidates will be Helliker and Simpson respectively; anything else would require a serious surge in support for another candidate within those parties. Now that we know that Simpson will be leading a new party instead of joining the Liberals, we expect that Panconi will become the new Liberal leader – unless, of course, again, there is an unexpected surge of support for someone else. As we said already, Labour appear to be in trouble and don’t have anyone yet who could be a candidate. However, there is understood to be considerable left-wing support in Alluria which could easily translate into Labour support if someone decides to step up to the plate. Currently, Helliker is our favourite to win, especially if he is backed by other centre-right figures such as known right-winger Maguire (should he decide to get involved) and/or the conservatives of Paternia. Simpson could have an outside chance based on her own Paternia support base, but her chances of success will likely depend on whether or not a Labour movement manages to materialise in Alluria, as this will affect how left-wing votes are distributed. Panconi (or another Liberal leader) could also stand a good chance as a compromise candidate, but it depends how much additional support the Liberals can pick up in Alluria. Hasioszyn will probably end up backing someone who he thinks can make him Minister of Finance – could this be Panconi, or a potential new Labour leader in Alluria?

Clearly, there are many questions yet to be answered, but over the next 48 hours the pieces of the puzzle are expected to come together, so stay tuned. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

Moderate 2017 Manifesto Published

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Moderate Party released its manifesto for the imminent National Election on Sunday evening. Written by the party’s leader Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, its policies are as follows:

-We think Contributions should remain the same. Individuals are generally willing to contribute from personal finances for events. We think the financial situation should have a minimum amount (e.g. £20).

-We think we should make Christmas donations to cancer charities on a yearly basis.

-Defence spending should be kept to a minimum. Historically, we are unlikely to come under threat.

-On the economy: Wine making brings a constant income. We don’t think having our own currency is viable due to the amount of people being involved and due to key members being family.

-Emperor’s Quizzes could be themed (in part at least). This would allow participants to read up on historical events, leaders in the arts/sciences/sports etc.

-We think walks in the countryside should continue. An extra car seat is available (and an additional four if Paul goes); the more the merrier.

-We also think a batch of disposable barbecues should be purchased from the funds as they are not always readily available on sunny days. This would allow spontaneity in family gatherings.

Adammic Express analysis: The first thing to take away from this manifesto is that it is clearly targeted at the residents of the provinces. Citizens living in the territories or abroad are unlikely to find much for them in here. This has been the running theme for the Moderates since they published their first manifesto two years ago, which had a similar family-oriented tone.

Out of all three parties, the Moderates have put the most effort into justifying their policies. However, their manifesto also contains many things that they will not do, or things that they will keep the same. This seems redundant at times, although it does help to reflect their nature as the “moderate” political option.

The fact that both the Moderates and the Liberals support keeping the Contributions scheme as it is means that it is unlikely there will be any major financial changes going forward. It should be noted that the manifestos aren’t just for the National Election – they will also influence each party’s legislative agenda for the coming term. Areas of agreement between any two parties are likely to find their way into law. For example, both the Moderates and Labour want to keep defence spending to a minimum, so don’t keep your hopes up for a large defence budget in October.

The Moderates support a “minimum amount” for the Treasury balance, with £20 suggested. This means that funds will always be available for emergencies, and it is a good way of ensuring a degree of liquidity in the government’s assets. A similar concept already exists in law via the Emergency Situations Act 2014, but was poorly defined. However, the Treasury balance has not dropped below £20 for several years, so this proposal might not come into effect too often.

Charitable donations made their first appearance in last year’s budget, and the Moderates seem keen to make them a regular fixture. This move is likely to go down well.

The Moderates also have some proposed changes to the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz. Could this lead to potentially awkward stand-offs between the Cabinet and the Office of the Emperor, which “owns” the quiz? The government has always had a high degree of influence over the structure of the quiz, but it has never been mentioned in a party manifesto before.

In discussing continuing “walks in the countryside”, the Moderate manifesto refers to a number of walks throughout June and July undertaken by Emperor Mother Jayne, Madam Julie Foster, Prince Jake and Sir Reginald Hall in the foothills of the Peak District National Park in order to prepare the former two for their recent hiking holiday in the Alps. These walks did not take place in a micronational context, but the Emperor warmed to the idea of changing this, perhaps by re-branding them as military scouting expeditions. The subsequent idea of acquiring a stockpile of disposable barbecues is in a similar vein. Barbecues in Imperial Square have long been a part of Adammic culture, but so far they haven’t had any government involvement. It seems like one of the main goals of the Moderates is to use government resources to support these areas of Adammic culture.

As the race enters its final days, it remains difficult to judge where each candidate stands – especially since the introduction of a Liberal candidate for the first time throws the past four years of historical election data out of the window. We still don’t know for sure exactly how well Prince Jake will do, and which of the other two candidates will find their vote share the most split as a result. However, the Liberals have more members than the Moderates or Labour, and their success in the Delegate of the Colonies by-election last year suggests that they have a degree of support further from home. We predict that the Liberals will pick up votes from the large population centres of Primoria and Myway, going up against support that the Emperor Mother has traditionally recieved from the other provinces. The ANP may choose to endorse a candidate which could also have a big impact. In particular, we think that incumbent PM Sir Paul McKenna might be in trouble. His victory last year came off the back of an unexpectedly strong showing for him in Primoria, but this was last year, when there was no Liberal candidate, and currently half of Primoria’s population are members of the Liberal Party. Even a fairly small swing from Labour to the Liberals will make it extremely difficult for him to win again.

We aim to publish our traditional pre-election interviews on Friday evening. This will be the last chance for the three candidates to get their message across to the electorate. This will also be when we publish our final pre-election analysis, with our predictions of who will do well in each area of the Empire.

Sir Paul McKenna To Seek Re-Election

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Earlier today, the Labour and Moderate parties both confirmed their respective candidates for the upcoming National Election. Labour has nominated incumbent Prime Minister Sir Paul McKenna, who will seek re-election to a second term of office. The Moderates nominated their president and three-times former Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, who will be aiming to regain the premiership after losing it to McKenna last year. Both candidates will also have to contend with a third party for the first time, after the Liberals joined the race two weeks ago when they nominated their new leader, Prince Jake.

At this stage in the race, it is difficult to say who has the upper hand. Emperor Mother Jayne is a trusted face who was popular during her time as Prime Minister, whilst McKenna has the backing of respected elder statesman Sir Reginald Hall. Prince Jake, however, is a fresh face, supported by a detailed manifesto prepared by his party’s president, Emperor Adam I, but he could be seen as too young and inexperienced. Labour and the Moderates are both expected to have manifestos published within a week; their previous manifestos were particularly vague, but the Emperor has been challenging the rival parties to create improved manifestos with more concrete policies, and has been providing impartial support to all parties in this regard.

Once the manifestos have been published, the Adammic Express will conduct its traditional pre-election interviews with all three candidates, to be released several days before polling day. The Office of State will also soon be sending instructions to returning officers situated around the Empire.