Panconi fires starting pistol by joining Liberals

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – The Liberal Party have gotten a foothold in the new Ruling Council after General Sir Luca Panconi, the Duke of Alluria, joined the party last night, becoming the first of the new wave of Adammic politicians to declare their party affiliation. We now know that the Liberals will control at least two out of the ten seats on the new Council, with Panconi joining the Emperor, who is currently the party’s administrative president and chief whip.

In related news, earlier tonight the Office of the Emperor issued an Imperial Decree on dual residency for macronational higher education students. It allows such students to have term-time and holiday addresses, and permits them to run as a local election candidate in either province if those addresses are in separate provinces (though they may not run in both simultaneously). This will allow the Emperor to stand for election in Greater Tytannia, where his holiday address is located. Indeed, shortly after the Decree was signed, the Emperor became the first approved candidate of the November local elections, as the Liberal candidate for Greater Tytannia. The unusual nature of Greater Tytannia, as a province which is geographically far away from the new Council’s meeting place, means that the Emperor is realistically the only person who can represent it, and as such the Decree was necessary in order for Greater Tytannia to elect a Councilor who can actually attend Ruling Council meetings. This has essentially made Greater Tytannia a very safe Liberal seat, though it should be remembered that historically, most Ruling Council seats have been considered “safe” as they rarely change hands.

It is understood that the Emperor has begun talking to potential future politicians in the new provinces, encouraging them to begin thinking about standing in elections and about which party they might choose to join – the Liberals, the Moderates, Labour, or perhaps creating their own, new party. With Panconi joining the Liberals, they have gotten the head-start with at least two seats in the bag. The Moderates don’t have any seats confirmed yet, however we have reason to believe that they may stand a good chance of recruiting members across Serkatia, Alluria and Paternia, and could easily overtake the Liberals if there is enough interest. A party which could be in trouble is Labour – already in a bad position when they slid from 1st to 3rd place at the August national election, we expect that they may only pick up one or two seats on the new Council. However, this is all still extremely early speculation – as Sir Reginald Hall showed when he unexpectedly founded the Labour Party in 2015, there could be some surprising decisions ahead. For example, we still don’t know if anyone will form a new party of their own yet. This could happen if political views diverge away from the historic centrist consensus which has dominated Adammic politics for the past four years.

The old party leaderships will be expected to give way to a newer generation once members begin to trickle in. Could Panconi, as the first Liberal in new Council besides the Emperor, take over from Prince Jake as the party’s leader and prime-ministerial candidate? If nobody else joins the Liberals, almost certainly. However, if the Liberals pick up more members, the party could face an interesting internal election. Until more Moderate or Labour members come into play, we won’t have any idea who might be taking over from Emperor Mother Jayne or Sir Reginald Hall as the leaders of those parties.

The local elections are scheduled for the 12th of November, one week from today, so expect the coming week to be full of news stories. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


News Summary Since March

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – As the Adammic Express comes out of hiatus, we have decided to recap events in the Empire since our last proper article in March before we launch our new reporting format.

Following continued technical problems with the webserver for the Adammic national website, Top Hat Software transferred to a new hosting company on the 31st of March. This seems to have finally ended a year-long period during which the website was down for more time than it was actually online. The website ran a backup from May 2016 until the 13th of April, when the current version was restored.

The highly anticipated Foundation Day celebrations organised by the government took place on the 8th of April. The weather was excellent and citizens were able to gather in Imperial Square to watch the Grand National on the TV. This was followed by the Emperor’s Foundation Day Address, and a Ruling Council meeting where the Counties and Municipalities Act 2017 was passed. The museum of Adammic historic artefacts held by the Imperial Archive also made an appearance. Later, the traditional Foundation Day buffet was held, followed by the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz, which was won by ”Three’s a crowd” (Emperor Mother Jayne, Sir David Hall and Sir Paul McKenna), their second victory in a row following the New Year’s Eve quiz. On the date of Foundation Day itself – the 13th – the Emperor was at the Insomnia Gaming Festival with prominent Adammic citizens such as General Sir Guy Crossland, Lord Sir Ciaran Campbell and Lady Madam Chloe Robertson. They partook in heavy alcohol consumption not necessarily related to Foundation Day.

On the 11th of April the Office of the Emperor unveiled the first new personal coat of arms produced since August last year. It was made for Madam Alice Sutton DOA, who was presented with a Certificate of Arms on the 16th of April.

On the 22nd of May, the Office of State released a comprehensive Guide to Order, Proceedings and Functions of the Ruling Council. The successor to a smaller document published in 2014 which filled only two sides of A4, this new guide clocks in at 33 pages, and describes in detail how the Council works and the Council’s long history. Appendices list every Act passed by the Council to date amongst other things.

Following the atrocity carried out at the Manchester Arena on the 22nd of May, the Office of the Emperor issued a press release the following day in which the Emperor gave the following message:

“I am shocked and appauled by the scenes which unfolded in Manchester last night. The people of Adammia are, generally, also people of Britain, and people of the North too. It is therefore, as a proud Brit and Northerner myself, that I can safely say that the people of Adammia are just as hurt and outraged as our Mancunian brethren.”

“Adammia is only a micronation, and the practical difference we can make in helping Manchesterto recover is but nought. However, we extend our hand of friendship to the people of Manchester; my Office would like to express its condolences to the families and friends of the victims. We have no physical flag at our offices in the colony of Alluria at this time, but metaphorically our flag flies at half-mast alongside the flag of the Union.”

The Office of the Emperor announced on the 31st of May that Lord Sir Grant Hawkins was retiring from all Adammic affairs. On the 20th of June, Imperial Decree XLIX was signed ceding Hawkins’s territory of Adammic Columbia back to the United States, leaving Adammia without any overseas territories once again. However, at the same time a new territory was claimed: Pererria, located in Dorset with a coastline overlooking Poole Harbour. This strategic location is the site of Adammia’s first naval base; the Adammic Navy has existed on paper since 2013 but has not had any units until now, with the 1st Imperial Fleet stationed at Pererria Naval Base. However, the fleet still doesn’t have any actual vessels. Pererria is to act as the Navy headquarters in much the same way that Dearneland acts as the Adammic Air Force headquarters. The Admiral of the new fleet, Emily ”Ems” Simpson, is acting as the military governor of Pererria and has become the Navy Chief-of-staff. Simpson has also been appointed as Hawkins’ successor as Director of Communications at the Office of the Emperor. Hawkins has since given the territory formerly known as Adammic Columbia to Austenasia.

In the press release where Decree XLIX was revealed, the Emperor’s office also announced plans for relocating the Colony of Alluria to new territories in Selly Oak, Birmingham in September. As per an agreement between the Emperor and Alluria’s governor Madam Anna Darke, the colony will be split into two parts, covering both of their respective future residences. With the end of the academic year at the University of Birmingham, residents of the Colony of Alluria have departed the territory to return home. The Emperor left on the 22nd of June, escorted by Prime Minister Sir Paul McKenna to his summer residence at the Imperial Household in Adamsville.

At a Ruling Council meeting on the 24th of June, the Emperor officially called local elections for the 15th of July and a National Election for the 12th of August. This of course means that local elections are scheduled for tomorrow; however, due to logistical issues, turnout is expected to be low and multiple provinces do not yet have any declared candidates. As a result, several provinces are likely to have their elections delayed, potentially until August. This has been common practice in the past with Myway, which is notorious for late election declarations. One of the main sources of the delays is the upcoming holiday of Emperor Mother Jayne and Madam Julie Foster to the Alps, as they have been preoccupied with preparing for this holiday. At the very least, Primoria and Maternia are expected to declare tomorrow.

On the 5th of July, the Imperial Institute of History finally released its Dossier on 2016. These annual documents are usually released a few days after New Year’s Day, but were delayed massively this year due to the government inactivity situation.

On the 10th of July, the Ruling Council met for the final meeting of IV Legislature. There, it passed the Diplomacy Act 2017, granting and revoking recognition to and from various nations. This was followed by the term’s plenary discussion. The first meeting of V Legislature will take place on the 19th of August at the State Opening of Council.

On the 12th of July, the Emperor announced that, as a result of genealogical research, he had concluded that he was probably descended from Charlemagne. A summary of his findings can be read on his personal blog here.