Adammia recognises marriage, including same-sex unions

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – At a Ruling Council meeting on the 26th of April, Adammic politicians voted to pass the Free Marriage Act 2018, recognising the legal validity of marriage in Adammia. Proposed by the Prime Minister, Lord Helliker, it defines marriage as between two consenting citizens over the age of 18. Notably, the Act confirms the legality of same-sex marriage, at a time when other micronations such as Austenasia have been restricting or abolishing this right.

The Free Marriage Act was passed in April.

At the same meeting, the Council also passed the General Amendments Act 2018 and the GDPR Compliance Act 2018. The former was a cross-party Moderate and Liberal effort which made improvements to many previous Acts of Council. It recognised Italy, Austria and Japan as sovereign states, and overhauls land ownership law. As a temporary measure, all land ownership at the micronational level has reverted to the Imperial Government, and will be re-distributed in the near future.

The Moderates will now be pleased to have implemented most of their legislative agenda, with their landmark Judiciary Act expected to be tabled in early June. The Liberals also have bills lined up relating to electoral law and public finance. However, once the academic year ends in a month’s time, the Council will probably not meet again until the autumn, by which time many Council members will have graduated from the University of Birmingham and have left the area. This will necessitate fresh elections, though Lord Helliker will remain in Serkatia and will probably be re-elected Prime Minister for a second term. It is understood that the Emperor is already sounding out potential new Council members, and a major citizen recruitment drive within the UoB political community is believed to be in the works. Significant revisions were made to the national website last night, improving the presentation of information in an attempt to make the site appear more welcoming and user-friendly.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


Micronationalists in UK local elections

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – This past Thursday, a number of micronational leaders and people associated with micronations stood in the UK local elections, particularly for the Liberal Democrats party in the Birmingham and Yorkshire areas.

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Adammia, Adam I, stood as the Lib Dem candidate in the ward of Crofton, Ryhill and Walton, part of Wakefield Council. Wakefield is the district which surrounds Greater Tytannia in North Adammia. In this election, the Emperor received 396 votes, amounting to 10.9%, an increase of 4.7% from when he stood in the same ward two years ago. In a statement released earlier today, the Emperor said that he was very proud of this result, following a small, online-only campaign which saw him score the second-best result for the Liberal Democrats in all of Wakefield district.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Wazakhstan, Ned Hilton, stood in the ward of North Edgbaston on Birmingham Council, also for the Liberal Democrats. He achieved 180 votes, which is 2.2% vote share (however, it should be pointed out that the ward is 2-member, and that the overall Lib Dem result in that ward was 5.2%).

A number of other people associated with the Empire of Adammia stood in these local elections – not necessarily Adammic citizens, but people who have been made members of Adammic chivalric orders, and who may well become citizens in the future. Of particular note amongst these include Madam Sophie Thornton DM and Sir Jake Calcutt KOA, both candidates for the Bournbrook and Selly Park ward which surrounds the Adammic provinces in South Adammia. Thornton achieved 413 votes (7.0%) and Calcutt 476 votes (8.3%), giving a total Lib Dem result of 15.3% in a ward which was heavily targeted by the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats, which contains many micronationalists in the Birmingham Sector. Emperor Adam I, Ned Hilton, Adammic PM Lord Helliker and Leader of the Opposition Lady Admiral Simpson were all reported to have been campaigning hard in this ward for the Lib Dems, and the candidates are reported to have been disappointed by their relatively low result, having expected to be presenting a serious challenge to the victorious Labour Party which has clearly fallen far short.

Other members of the Order of the Meerkat standing for election included Lucy Johnson MM, who achieved 298 votes (7.0%) for the Lib Dems in Pensby and Thingwall on Wirral Council, and Josh Mackenzie MM, who got 829 votes (7.7%) for the Conservative Party in Brandwood and King’s Heath on Birmingham Council. Adammic honourary citizen Simon Conn achieved 151 votes (7.8%) for the Conservatives in Garretts Green on Birmingham Council.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

Adammia claims Sandal Castle to mark 5th Foundation Day

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – Recently, Adammia celebrated the 5th anniversary of its foundation, which saw the claiming of a new territory alongside the traditional celebrations in the Empire’s capital.

On Friday the 6th of April, members of the Imperial Family made an impromptu visit to Sandal Castle, a historic site close to the British city of Wakefield, and near to many of the Empire’s old heartlands in Greater Tytannia. The expedition consisted of the Emperor, Prince Jake, Emperor Mother Jayne and Lord McKenna. Whilst there, the Emperor and the Prince climbed to the summit of the castle’s motte, and the Emperor claimed the castle in the name of the Empire. This was confirmed by an Imperial Decree two days later, which officially made the castle an Adammic territory and named Prince Jake as the Steward of the castle. According to the Office of the Emperor, the claim was made to mark Adammia’s 5th anniversary, and to create a cultural landmark for the Empire as well as an honourary base for its military.

The Emperor (left) and Prince Jake (right) in an archway at Sandal Castle.

The official Foundation Day celebrations organised by the government took place in their traditional venue at White Gold Palace in Imperial City, Tytannia, on Saturday the 14th of April, the day after Foundation Day itself. Most of the members of the House of Hall were present. The day’s festivities began with the Emperor’s Foundation Day Address in Imperial Square, one of the Emperor’s three main annual speeches alongside the State Opening of Council and the Christmas Broadcast. This can be viewed on Adammic Online Television here. The speech was followed by a demonstration of the Adammic Air Force’s remote-controlled quadcopter. Next, the traditional Foundation Day buffet was served, which the gathered citizens were able to enjoy whilst watching the Grand National (a major UK horse race) on the TV. Lord McKenna and Lady Foster both won bets on the Grand National. The day was rounded off with the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz, which featured questions from the Emperor, Lord Sir Reginald Hall and Lord Sir Andrew Hall. The winning team was “Tiger Roll” (named after the winning Grand National horse), which consisted of Lord Sir David Hall, Lady Madam Julie Foster and Lord Sir Matthew Foster, with 38 points.

The Emperor delivers his Foundation Day address.

The Emperor with his brother and the heir to the throne, Crown Prince Daniel, at the buffet.

Gathered citizens watch the Grand National in the old council chambers.

In other news, the Adammic Express apologises for its late reporting of the Emperor’s Birthday Honours List in February. The list was preceeded by an Imperial Decree, issued on the 15th, which established a new chivalric order, the Order of the Meerkat. This new order has three ranks: Member, Knight/Dame and Knight/Dame Commander, which are interleaved in precedence with the ranks of the much older Order of Adammia, such that a Knight of the Order of the Meerkat is higher than a Knight of the Order of Adammia, but lower than a Knight Commander of the Order of Adammia. The rank of Member of the Order of the Meerkat (post-nominals MM) is intended to be similar to the British honours of MBE or OBE, and does not confer the style of Sir or Madam; it has been created in response to the idea that knighthoods and damehoods had become cheapened – indeed, some previous knights and dames were actually demoted to this new, lower rank by the decree. As it were, the decree made considerable reforms to the Empire’s honours system, providing much-needed clarity to the order of precedence. It also tackled a number of other issues, including resolving Paternia’s local government issue which was addressed in this article, naming Lady Ecart as Countess of Upper Paternia. Furthermore, the decree relocated the territory of Pererria for a second time; first moved to a canal-side area in Birmingham city centre near to Lady Admiral Simpson’s workplace in January, the territory was forced to move again shortly afterwards after Simpson quit that particular job. Pererria can now be found by the canal immediately adjacent to University Station, a short walk from UoB’s School of Computer Science, where the Emperor currently studies. The Birthday Honours List itself saw a number of people inducted into the new Order of the Meerkat, including most of the Imperial Family, who had previously not been given chivalric honours as it was considered unnecessary. Prime Minister Lord Helliker became the first Adammic citizen to become a member of two chivalric orders simultaneously, as both a Knight of the Ordo Vladius and a Knight Commander of the Order of the Meerkat, which is now Adammia’s highest chivalric honour. Other citizens to be given this status include Lady Admiral Simpson, Lord General Panconi, Lord Gurr, Lord Campbell and Lady Robertson.

The Empire saw severe cold weather and snowfall around the end of February and the beginning of March as part of a weather system dubbed the “Beast from the East” by the British press, which made travel within South Adammia’s general sphere of influence (i.e. central and south Birmingham) particularly difficult. Temperatures were some of the lowest recorded in Adammia since its foundation in 2013.

DXS4wd-X4AANXp7.jpg large
“Beast from the East” snowfall seen from the Office of the Emperor.

On the 2nd of April, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released its list of Persona Non Grata to the public for the first time. This is a list of people who are banned from entering the Empire for various reasons; those listed included Daniel Callaghan, who vandalised Adammia’s MicroWiki pages numerous times in 2016 and was later condemned by the Ruling Council following a campaign by the Adammic National Party. The list can be found here; citizens are advised to contact the Adammic Police Force if they are aware that any of these persons have entered Adammic territory.

On the 14th of April, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor was elected as Supreme Judge of the Grand Unified Micronational. This makes him the third person to have occupied all three of the GUM’s main three offices (Chair, Vice Chair and Supreme Judge), after Joseph Kennedy became the first in 2015, followed by Jonathan I of Austenasia in 2016.

On the 16th of April, the Emperor granted Imperial Warrants of Appointment to four new companies: Canon, as a manufacturer of cameras; Clydesdale Bank, as a purveyor of banking services; Degiro, as a purveyor of financial securities; and Aldi, as a purveyor of general foodstuffs. These now join 13 other companies that are allowed to advertise the fact that they supply the Emperor and/or the Imperial Family of Adammia.

It should be noted that the Ruling Council still has not met since December. It is understood that there have been numerous issues in organising meetings due to the academic commitments of its members. The Office of the Emperor is understood to be considering measures to tackle the general state of political inactivity which pervades the Empire, much as it did this time last year.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

BREAKING NEWS: Adammia Invades Insomnia Festival, Nationalises Multiplay

BICKENHILL – Over the past few days, reports have come in of massive Adammic military movements around the National Exhibition Centre on the outskirts of Birmingham, UK. The Adammic Express has been able to get exclusive access to recently-declassified documents which reveal what is really going on.

Adammic flags pictured flying outside the entrance of the NEC.

Shortly before the 62nd Insomnia Gaming Festival was due to open at the NEC on Thursday, the Adammic Government staged an intervention into the event, after the Emperor, along with a large number of Adammic citizens who also attend the festival, expressed concerns that GAME, the company which owns organiser Multiplay Events, had over-commercialised the event and was exploiting its loyal customers by constantly raising prices. Late on Wednesday night, operatives from the Adammic Intelligence Service exploited a bug in The Ticket Factory’s notoriously-broken BYOC seat picker, which granted them root access to GAME’s accounting system. They then transferred ownership of Multiplay Events to the Degiro account of the Emperor’s private equity fund, Adammic Investments Ltd. The Adammic government then bought Multiplay from the Emperor’s fund, thus nationalising the company, for the sum of £40, which was just enough to reimburse the Emperor for GAME’s recent plunge in stock price.

The seat picker bug also allowed the AIS to claim all of the available seats in the BYOC hall, which it then gave away for free to Adammic citizens. On Thursday morning, MPUK’s new owners began to arrive at the NEC, escorted by the 2nd Infantry Division. They quickly asserted control of the event staff and volunteers, directing full attention to the BYOC hall, which allowed it to open at midday, six hours earlier than GAME had originally scheduled it, whilst deciding to leave the Expo hall until later. Meanwhile, NEC security were marched off the premises (except for Andy, he’s cool) by Adammia’s elite Special Operations unit, and replaced with Adammic military guards.

The next order of business was to take control of the event’s bar. Existing stocks of Heineken and Carlsberg were dumped in Pendigo Lake and replaced with the finest-quality Adammic beer and wine imported from Tytannia, which allowed the price of a pint to be reduced from £5.50 to 10p. Convoys were also scheduled between the BYOC hall and the nearest Tesco, which delivered crates of Kopparberg, Strongbow Dark Fruit, Jack Daniels and Jagermeister directly to people’s desks, venue licencing laws be damned.

When on Friday morning the famous YouTubers began to arrive, most of them were detained and forced to join the Green volunteer team, which was being made to build a castle for the Emperor inside Hall 5. However, Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassell was singled out, arrested by the Adammic Police Force, and taken to the Resorts World casino, where he was forced to gamble his entire life savings on a game of poker, which was being filmed. Cassell was unable to resist the urge to pull a stupid face at the camera, thus ruining his attempt at bluffing and costing him the game. The Adammic Government denied setting up the situation, stating that Resorts World was simply “this new casino we just found”. Meanwhile, all the day-time stage shows have been cancelled, and replaced with Stuart “Ashens” Ashen reviewing old tat all day long.

Back in the LAN hall, the Call of Duty World League has been cancelled and replaced with a Golf With Friends tournament organised by the Adammic Esports Association. Madam Bryony Weedon DOA is the current favourite to win. The Adammic government have set up their own offices in the staff seating area, where Prime Minister Lord Helliker has been causing some confusion because his talking voice is louder than some of the CS:GO teams’ celebrations after they win a game. The Leader of the Opposition, Admiral Simpson, is nowhere to be seen, but the flagship of the 1st Imperial Fleet is moored on Pendigo Lake and it is believed that she is on board drinking Long Island Iced Teas and playing The Sims.

The Insomnia World Famous Pub Quiz was moved back to its original Saturday night slot and took place last night, with one key difference: it was now a strictly black-tie event, with Adammic military guards turning away anyone not wearing a suit or a dress. The VIP tables at the front normally reserved for the YouTubers were instead occupied by the Adammic government and their friends; the YouTubers, after a hard day’s work building the Emperor’s castle, were allowed to sit in the back row, in an area specifically designed by the Yellow volunteer team to be a Wifi and mobile signal dead spot, in order to prevent them from Googling the answers like they usually do. Henners won the quiz, with BigClan finishing second, proving that the natural order of things has been restored.

Adammia’s changes to the event are not yet over. Rumour has it that the line-up for tonight’s wrestling show has been altered, and it will now feature a fight between Celestia Vega and Holli “Holita” Francis in order to determine the #1 E-Girl. The Adammic government has been forced to deny that it is supplying Francis with a number of stepladders to use against Vega, which could be considered unfair.

With the Adammic flag now flying from every corner of the NEC, one has to wonder what is the next step. Our sources believe that, once the event is over, the Adammic military will turn its attention to Coventry, hoping to hold i63 at the Ricoh Arena. A Treasury order for several huge blue tents has fuelled these rumours, and we can be sure of one thing – if the stories of the Emperor’s past history with rugby in high school PE are to be believed, then he will gleefully do to the ground of the Coventry Wasps what MPUK did to it four years ago.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Imperial Gaming Festival!

Emperor Adam I: Micronations as Rational Actors

Note from the Editor: The following is an opinion piece which may not necessarily reflect the views of the Adammic Express.

Should the theories of international relations and geopolitics be applied to micronations – and if so, how?

I was recently made aware of the Abeldane Empire’s recent decision to leave the Grand Unified Micronational, something which struck me as inexplicable. Why had Abeldane politicians pushed for such an outcome in the referendum? Analysing the situation objectively, it makes little sense: the GUM does not affect the sovereignty of its member states in any way, nor does it carry with it a harmful reputation (quite the opposite, in fact, considering that Austenasia is a member state). Of course, the positive aspects to GUM membership are slim at the present time, as the organisation is still struggling with inactivity, but at the very least the GUM is still a forum in which micronations can foster positive relations, which Abelden has now isolated itself from.

I have heard it said that the vote was something of an imitation of Brexit, which seems to make sense. However, at least the arguments for Brexit were based on some sort of tangible benefits to leaving (as much as I may personally believe that those reasons were deeply flawed). By leaving the GUM, Abelden will not regain any sovereignty, nor will it save any money or indeed have any kind of economic impact. This has led me to the conclusion that the Abeldane politicians who pushed for a Leave vote did so completely arbitrarily. Although there are few positives to GUM membership, there are clearly no negatives, so based on the net result, rationally the opposite decision should have been made.

Around the same time as this news story broke, my Prime Minister Sir Alex Helliker and the Leader of the Opposition Admiral Ems Simpson were both taking part in a Model UN crisis simulation. In this crisis, the two Adammic politicians assumed the roles of members of the Italian cabinet in 1939, and had to gain an advantage over the UK, France and the Soviet Union in the run-up to the Second World War. In this exercise, it was crucial to take rational decisions, by doing research, gathering intelligence, weighing up pros and cons, and evaluating the probability of success for each option. The interests of virtual Italy were clearly defined and decisions were taken with those interests in mind. It occurred to me how different this was to what had just happened in Abelden. The team had assumed the role of a “rational actor” (or alternatively a “rational agent”), and had to act accordingly.

Abelden’s Leave vote is not an isolated example. Micronationalism, especially in the MicroWiki community, is rife with arbitrary-ness and lacking in rationality. How many times have we seen a country join a federation or empire, only to leave it again a few weeks later? Clearly, both the decision to join and the decision to leave cannot both have been the correct decision – one of them was wrong. Why was the wrong decision not identified beforehand? It’s not as if micronationalism is a particularly complicated business – compared with the vast multi-dimensional web of macronational politics and international relations, it’s like child’s play. Did the people involved not even think, for five minutes, about the implications of these decisions for their interests? Do they even know what their national interests are?

How about another question: does it even matter? Aren’t we just here to have fun? Yes, generally speaking, that is the case. For completely non-serious micronations who are just here to mess about, this stuff doesn’t really matter. However, I do believe that if a micronation wants even an ounce of respect from senior micronationalists and the general public, it has to attempt to behave rationally, especially in the field of foreign policy (domestic policy isn’t so important). My reasoning for this is that it can be extremely frustrating for a serious or semi-serious micronation to conduct diplomacy with an arbitrary nation. If someone comes to me offering their territory to become an Adammic colony, how am I to know that they won’t change their mind six months later and suddenly decide that they want independence, despite the fact that I’ve done almost nothing to infringe on their autonomy? In the space of a year, the territory formerly known as Adammic Columbia, which is now called Hoagland, left Adammia to join the Holy Roman Empire, then re-joined us, then left us again to join Austenasia! All this does is leave me with more legislative paperwork to do. There are even more extreme examples out there: in the past four years or so, the micronation currently known as Breckland has changed its government type no less than twenty times. The fact that we don’t know whether we will be dealing with a liberal democracy or a communist dictatorship in a week’s time is the reason why I have never even entertained the idea of granting diplomatic recognition to Breckland. I understand that Austenasian foreign policy expressly rules out setting up relations with nations that have changed their government type too many times in the past year because of situations like these.

As a micronationalist, you are far more likely to earn the respect of senior members of the community if you behave in a logical, rational manner, as it makes you easier to understand and easier to do business with. A micronation can either be arbitrary in its foreign affairs, or be taken seriously – you cannot have the best of both worlds. A possible solution to this problem for those who want both is to set up two micronations: a “serious” one and a “silly” one which acts more like a sandbox. It’s also worth pointing out that running a micronation seriously can still be just as fun as running a micronation arbitrarily. I can assure readers that the members of my government who took part in the Model UN crisis last weekend thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the parallels between the crisis simulation and serious micronationalism should be obvious (indeed, we arguably have more in common with the Model UN crowd than we do with the geofiction community).

I’m going to wrap this piece up by talking a bit about what a micronation as a rational actor actually looks like. Firstly, it is important to understand what your interests are – what are your goals as a micronation? For Adammia, the main goal is to gain prestige amongst other micronations and to grow our territory and population; most micronations will have pretty similar goals to these. Every major decision needs to be evaluated in the context of your national interest; this is the basic essence of rational actors. Of course, some entities make better rational actors than others, and the key factor here is knowledge. Better decisions can be made if you understand the underlying theory, and also if you have more research and intelligence relevant to the situation. Adammia is currently trying to improve itself in this area – I am looking at bringing on board some of the people involved in the Model UN exercises as advisors. Virtual Italy performed so well in the crisis simulation because understanding the theory of political science and international relations (especially the field of geopolitics) gives you an advantage, and a number of the team members are Politics and/or IR students at the nearby university. Micronationalists may find it useful to do some cursory reading on Wikipedia on the basics of political science and international relations, whilst taking time to think about how the theory may be different when applied to micronations. Indeed, I believe there is plenty of potential for developing an understanding of micronational PS and IR, which I suspect would be broadly similar to the mainstream theory but with some key differences (perhaps this would be a good topic for discussion within the GUM). Aside from theory, good decision-making also requires a practical understanding of the current situation. Proper record-keeping helps with this, and it is one of the reasons why Adammia maintains extensive archives. MicroWiki itself is also incredibly useful if you need information about another micronation. However, sometimes it will be in a nation’s interests to keep some information secret, whilst it may be in another nation’s interests to obtain that information. Therefore, a basic understanding of intelligence may be useful. Micronations don’t tend to have access to elite hackers or 007-style secret agents, so the main field which is relevant here is human intelligence (HUMINT). Adammia has in the past successfully made classified information which would have been embarrassing to Adammic prestige had it been revealed to the community at the time.

Certainly, I feel that micronationalists have much to learn from our cousins in the Model UN community, and at the end of the day I feel that it is in the interests of all serious micronations to think about how to make more rational decisions.

Prime Minister & Leader of the Opposition take part in Model UN Crisis Simulation

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – Over the past weekend, the Prime Minister of Adammia, Sir Alex Helliker, and the Leader of the Opposition, Admiral Emily Simpson, have been taking part in a crisis simulation as part of the University of Birmingham International Model United Nations (UBIMUN) conference. Emperor Adam I has endorsed the simulation, saying that it has served as a useful exercise for the Adammic government’s own crisis response readiness, and strongly implying that he himself will be taking part in next year’s crisis.

Helliker and Simpson were recruited by Adammic honourary citizen Alex Read, who had previously been a participant at the 2017 UBIMUN crisis a year ago. In the simulation, the three Adammic citizens took up the roles of members of the Italian cabinet in 1939, where they would be facing off against other world powers in a struggle for dominance in the run-up to World War II. The other “player-controlled” countries were the UK, France and the Soviet Union, whilst countries such as Germany and the USA were controlled by the crisis committee, who ran the simulation. Read’s character was the Marshal of the Italian Army, Helliker was the Admiral of the Italian Navy, and Simpson was the head of intelligence.

The conference included a black-tie charity gala on Friday 2nd February, which was attended by the Emperor and by Sophie Thornton, Dame of the Order of Adammia, as guests alongside the three taking part in the crisis. By this point in the crisis, the delegate playing as Mussolini had arrested Read’s character in the simulation, which caused a great deal of gossip at the gala. Meanwhile, Helliker proceeded to become uncharacteristically inebriated on prosecco, and was seen dancing wildly later in the evening (sadly, we don’t have any photos available of this).

Adammic representatives at the Model UN gala on Friday. L-R: Prime Minister Sir Alex Helliker; honourary citizen Alex Read; Leader of the Opposition Admiral Ems Simpson; Emperor Adam I

When the simulation resumed on Saturday, Read was lucky enough to have his character released from prison. By the end of the simulation, a number of reports had reached the Office of the Emperor that the Italian cabinet had been performing exceedingly well, having annexed Yugoslavia and much of Egypt and declaring a Second Roman Empire. The Adammic participants were praised by members of the organising committee for their high degree of competency: Helliker was able to effectively remove the British Royal Navy from the Mediterranean, whilst Simpson managed to use the intelligence service to steal the Mona Lisa from France. The Emperor is understood to be very pleased with the work of the Adammic participants, and may be considering further appointments to advisory positions within his private office as a result. Certainly, such exercises are bound to nurture an understanding of how geopolitics involving rational actors works – although, it can be argued that, due to the much lower stakes involved, micronations don’t tend to act rationally most of the time, and are prone to a very high degree of arbitrary behaviour (see, for example, Abelden’s apparently inexplicable recent decision to exit the GUM).

The Emperor has adopted a cropped version of a picture taken at the Charity Gala as his 2018 state photograph. This is Emperor Adam I’s 5th official state photograph.

Civil unrest in Paternia leads to compromise

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – News broke late on the 29th of January that civil unrest had erupted in the province of Paternia. A number of citizens living in the province had reportedly unilaterally declared independence from Adammia, tore up a paper Adammic flag and declared Lizzy Ecart as their leader. On Wednesday the 31st, the Emperor met with the province’s local government (Councilor Ems Simpson and Duke Callum Gurr) to discuss the situation. The local government distanced itself from the independence movement. Central government, meanwhile, was clear that the claim of independence would not be recognised by Adammia, under the terms of the Emergency Situations Act 2014.

The Emperor then met with Ecart at an event organised by the University of Birmingham Conservatives on Thursday 1st of February. There, a compromise was reached under which the upper floors of the house which constitutes Paternia will be granted a very high degree of autonomy under Ecart’s control, separate from the local government of the province. The exact details of this arrangement are yet to be known. More news is expected in the coming weeks. The exact reason behind the civil unrest remains a mystery.

First State Opening of Council in Birmingham takes place, Cabinet appointed

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Greater Tytannia – The new Ruling Council was completed on the 26th of November after the Ordo Vladius agreed to the Office of State’s proposed appointment of Owain Davies as Delegate of the Colonies. Then, on the 3rd of December, the composition of newly-elected Prime Minister Sir Alex Helliker’s Cabinet was announced. With everything now in place, the first State Opening of Council in the Birmingham provinces was scheduled for Tuesday the 5th of December in the Province of Serkatia.

The full composition of the new Council, as announced by His Imperial Majesty the Emperor in his State Opening speech, is as follows:
Councilor of Greater Tytannia: HIM Emperor Adam I (LIB)
Councilor of Serkatia: HG Sir Alex Helliker PM KOV (MOD)
Councilor of Alluria: Sir Jack Sykes KOA (IND)
Councilor of Paternia: HG Admiral Ems Simpson (NUC)
Duke of Greater Tytannia: HG Commodore Sir Joe Daniels KOA (LIB)
Duke of Serkatia: HG Colonel Sir Zak Maguire KOA (MOD)
Duke of Alluria: HG General Sir Luca Panconi DPM KOA (LIB)
Duke of Paternia: HG Callum Gurr (LIB)
Delegate of Abroad Citizens: Asher Bond (IND)
Delegate of the Colonies: Owain Davies (IND)

As we previous speculated, a coalition has been formed between the ruling Moderate Party and the Liberal Party, in order to provide enough Council members to fill a complete Cabinet. The composition of the new Cabinet is as follows:
Prime Minister: HG Sir Alex Helliker PM KOV
Deputy Prime Minister: HG General Sir Luca Panconi DPM KOA
Minister of Finance: Owain Davies
Minister of Foreign Affairs: HIM Emperor Adam I
Minister of Defence: HG Commodore Sir Joe Daniels KOA
Minister of Citizenship & Information: HG Callum Gurr
Minister of National Development: HG Colonel Sir Zak Maguire KOA
It has also been confirmed that, as the leader of the largest party not in government, Admiral Ems Simpson is acting as the Leader of the Opposition.

HIM the Emperor addresses the State Opening of VI Legislature.

Following the State Opening speech, the Council set about its business for the first meeting of VI Legislature, with both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition giving brief comments on the prospects of the coming term. The centrepiece of the meeting was the 2017-18 Budget. Standard financial appropriation for the previous financial year had expired at the end of October, with the transitional Cabinet issuing an Emergency Appropriation to extend funding until the end of November. From the five days between then and the State Opening, a government shutdown was in effect, though the effects of this were negligible. As the Cabinet had only just been formed, it did not have a Budget prepared, and so the Council suspended order and worked informally on a simple Budget, with the Government and the Opposition collaborating. The finished document, as moved by the new Minister of Finance, authorises expenditure of £24 to cover the domain costs of the national website, and up to a further £20 for donating to charity. It was passed with 7 votes in favour, no votes against and 2 abstentions, although several votes were given remotely after the meeting, as only 5 members were present at the meeting itself. The Budget did not deal with measures for raising income, and the Council is expected to return to this side of public finance after a few ideas were suggested at the meeting. Though nothing is yet set in stone, the Government appears to be moving towards an annual Contributions payment instead of the old monthly scheme, with a potential lower rate of £3 per year (as opposed to the 50p per month, or £6 per year, under the old regime), which would bring it in line with the membership fees of most student societies at the nearby University of Birmingham. There were also suggestions of providing some sort of reward scheme for citizens who choose not to opt out of the scheme, though it is not yet clear what form this might take. At any rate, even if the Government fails to raise any income at all during this financial year, there are enough reserves left over in the Treasury from the last government to see it through the year without entering debt.

After dealing with the Budget, the Council agreed on a business motion for the following five meetings, handling a total of ten Acts of Council derived from the current party manifestos. This is the first time the Council has scheduled its future business in such a way, but it wasn’t the only first from the Council. If the recent elections set the tone for a new, more engaged Adammic politics, then this was the first time we really got to see it in action. Admiral Simpson appears keen to fulfil her role of holding the government to account, and has already criticised the appointment of Callum Gurr as the Duke of Paternia, on the grounds that he is not a resident of the province, and further that he is a Liberal representative of a province where nobody voted Liberal at the recent election. Meanwhile, Gurr himself raised eyebrows when he questioned his own party’s leadership’s decision to enter coalition with the Moderates without consulting party members such as himself, although his decision to accept a Cabinet position suggests that he does not consider this to be too much of an issue.

The full report of the Council meeting can be read here.

After the Council meeting, the Cabinet met briefly, and mainly discussed foreign affairs issues. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is expected to formally request that Adammia be re-admitted as a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational at some point in the coming days. Furthermore, the government is believed to be considering diplomatic relations with the newly-formed nearby micronation of Wazakhstan, led by UoB fresher Ned Hilton as its Prime Minister. The emergence of Wazakhstan onto the stage has raised the prospect of a so-called “Birmingham Sector” around the areas of Edgbaston and Selly Oak, which would be the first new local sector of the MicroWiki sphere in several years.

The Council is now in its Christmas recess and will convene again in January. At its next meeting, it is expected to discuss the Moderate Party’s General Amendments Act, as part of Prime Minister Helliker’s pledge to reform and improve past legislation, and the Nuclear So-and-so Party’s Human Rights Act. The former will be mostly technical and is not expected to be controversial, and the latter will probably have the broad approval of all parties, although some finer points could be contentious. However, there will be some serious political debate in the near future. The Emperor recently announced that he would again be seeking to have the Empire de-recognise the United States government, this time in response to President Donald Trump retweeting a number of anti-Muslim “Britain First” videos on Twitter. Famously, an Imperial Decree was issued following the US Presidential Election last November which withdrew diplomatic recognition. This caused an uproar amongst Adammia’s right-wing, which saw the ANP challenging the Emperor’s then-seat of Delegate of the Colonies, which he narrowly held on to in a subsequent by-election. Eventually, then-PM Sir Paul McKenna tabled a Council motion to overturn the decree, arguing that it did not respect American democracy, and in a move which was unheard of in the political climate at the time, the Council sided with the PM and against the Emperor, thus restoring diplomatic recognition. Clearly, the Emperor is hoping that the new Council will be less hostile to the measures, but there are signs that this may not be the case – both the PM and the Leader of the Opposition are understood to be opposed to withdrawing recognition. Although the Emperor is understood to have the support of Liberal colleagues such as Gurr, this situation could well turn into the Liberals versus the rest of the Council, and although the Liberals have the most seats, they do not have a majority. Plans to enact the decision by Imperial Decree have seemingly been shelved in order to prevent the potential embarrassment of the decree being overturned a second time, and the Emperor is now expected to propose the move as a private member’s bill at the next meeting, where there could well be a significant debate unlike anything we have seen previously.

In other news, Adammia saw its heaviest snowfall since its foundation over the weekend, with 4-5 inches of snow falling on South Adammia on Sunday. It was in these conditions that the Emperor travelled back to his holiday residence of the Imperial Household in Adamsville, Greater Tytannia, on Monday, with Emperor Mother Jayne and Sir Paul McKenna. Indeed, most members of the government have now gone home for the academic holidays.

Snowfall in Serkatia.

Adammia FM December 2017 music playlist

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

Helliker leads Moderates back to power and becomes Adammia’s 4th PM

Adam I, Editor

SERKATIA – The final results of Sunday’s National Election have confirmed that Sir Alex Helliker, the Archduke of South Adammia, has been elected as the fourth Prime Minister of the Empire of Adammia, after winning 39.3% of the popular vote. He is the first Moderate Party Prime Minister since Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, Adammia’s inaugural PM and the party’s first leader, was defeated by Labour’s Sir Paul McKenna in 2016.

Helliker, with 11 votes, finished ahead of Admiral Ems Simpson of the newly-founded Nuclear So-and-so Party, who received 9 votes or 32.1%. The Liberal Party, who won the last election under their previous leader Prince Jake, slid back into third place as their new leader, General Sir Luca Panconi, received 8 votes or 28.6%.

Graph of the popular vote.

All three candidates won a majority of votes within their respective home provinces, with over half of Liberal votes coming from Alluria alone. However, what Helliker seems to have managed to do which the other candidates didn’t was achieve a consistent level of support across most of the Empire, beyond his home province. Dearneland and El Grandens were the only subdivisions where Helliker didn’t receive any votes (and El Grandens didn’t cast any votes at all).

Turnout was at a record low for a National Election, at two-thirds of the electorate exactly. However, in absolute terms, this was actually Adammia’s largest ever election, with 28 votes cast. Whilst there were many citizens voting for the first time, especially in Alluria and Paternia, turnout was exceptionally low in Greater Tytannia. Communications difficulties made it difficult to send ballots to some of the citizens there, who might not use the Internet often and would historically have voted in person, which is no longer possible now that the Office of State is operating out of Birmingham, many miles away from Greater Tytannia.

Graph of election results since 2013.

Helliker’s first decision as Prime Minister will be how to form a Cabinet. In order to get enough members to provide a full Cabinet, and to provide a majority in the Ruling Council, it seems likely that the Moderates will form a coalition with the Liberal Party; such a coalition would control 6 out of 10 Council seats. If this happens, it would leave the Nuclear So-and-so Party as the main opposition party, making Admiral Simpson the Leader of the Opposition.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

November 2017 Election: Rolling updates

19/11/2017, 12:54 – Polling day for the Empire of Adammia’s sixth National Election has arrived. In a short while, ballots will be sent out to citizens across the Empire. Earlier, the Adammic Express published interviews with Moderate candidate Sir Alex Helliker and Nuclear So-and-so candidate Admiral Ems Simpson; Liberal candidate General Sir Luca Panconi is understood to be running late but we expect to have his answers in soon.

Like last time, we understand that Myway’s citizens voted early, and the count for Myway will be taking place very soon, so stay tuned for the first result of the day probably within the next half an hour.

(here we go again…)

14:26 – We have our first three declarations in: Myway, Dearneland and Kappania. Results were as follows:

Helliker (MOD): 1
Panconi (LIB): 1
Simpson (NUC): 2

Helliker (MOD): 0
Panconi (LIB): 0
Simpson (NUC): 1

Helliker (MOD): 1
Panconi (LIB): 0
Simpson (NUC): 0

So, the totals as of right now are:

Our initial impressions are that this is a much better start for Simpson than we were expecting. However, it is still very early in the day and the big results are still mostly yet to come in. The ones to watch out for are Alluria, Paternia and the non-territorial citizens, which between them account for around half of Adammia’s population. Meanwhile, the result in the ANP heartland of Kappania suggests that they are backing the Moderates this time, after previously supporting Labour in 2016 and the Liberals earlier this year. In the past, the ANP have been able to swing an election result based on who they support, so this may be seen as a good omen by the Moderates – but Adammia’s population has grown significantly recently, and it remains to be seen whether the small ANP territories still hold much weight compared to the new, larger provinces.

17:06 – After the initial rush of early results, things have now started to slow down. The Office of State delivered ballot papers to Alluria and Paternia around two hours ago and voting is now underway in those provinces. In the past few minutes, we’ve had our fourth declaration of the day come in, this time from the territory of Midgard:

Helliker (MOD): 1
Panconi (LIB): 0
Simpson (NUC): 0

With this, Helliker draws level with Simpson, whilst Panconi trails behind. However, it is still far too early to write any candidate off. For example, even though Panconi is in last place, he is expected to pick up a lot of votes in his home province of Alluria, so the tables could turn soon after midnight when most subdivisions are expected to declare.

19:10 – In the past few minutes Paternia has become the first province to declare its result:

Helliker (MOD): 1
Panconi (LIB): 0
Simpson (NUC): 3

Unsurprisingly, a good result for Simpson in her home province. The totals so far are:


At this point in time, votes from around a quarter of Adammic voters have been counted, so there is still a long way to go. However, at this point the Liberals will no doubt be feeling nervous, and will be hoping for a strong result in Panconi’s home province of Alluria to keep them in the game.

23:31 – With just half an hour until polls close, anticipation is building for the final wave of results which will decide the final outcome of this election. A few hours ago, Serkatia declared as follows:

Helliker (MOD): 2
Panconi (LIB): 1
Simpson (NUC): 0

This brings the totals to:


It therefore appears that we’re moving into the final round of declarations with a level playing field between Helliker and Simpson, with no indication as to who might have an advantage. Panconi still hasn’t made up much ground, but remember that Alluria is expected to turn out well for the Liberals.

20/11/2017, 01:06 – There has been some confusion surrounding the declaration in Alluria, but we do know that the election has a confirmed winner. First, the other declarations:

Helliker (MOD): 1
Panconi (LIB): 0
Simpson (NUC): 0

Helliker (MOD): 0
Panconi (LIB): 0
Simpson (NUC): 0

Helliker (MOD): 2
Panconi (LIB): 1
Simpson (NUC): 2

In Alluria, out of nine votes cast, eight have been verified. The ninth remains unknown to the Office of State due to the fact that the acting returning officer for Alluria has gone to bed. However, since this final ballot will not decide the winner, the Office of State has made the decision to publish a provisional declaration for Alluria, with the final ballot being added in the morning.

ALLURIA (provisional)
Helliker (MOD): 2
Panconi (LIB): 5
Simpson (NUC): 1
(1 ballot not yet counted)

This brings the totals to:
Helliker (MOD): 11
Panconi (LIB): 8
Simpson (NUC): 9

Therefore, we know that Sir Alex Helliker has been elected as Adammia’s fourth Prime Minister, by a margin of between 1 and 3 votes depending on what the final ballot is. Once Alluria issues its final declaration in the morning, we will follow up with the complete breakdown of the final figures. But before we wrap up our rolling coverage, a few comments: the Moderates are back in power with Helliker leading a strong campaign; the Nuclear So-and-so Party, despite being brand new and only having one member, missed out on the premiership by just a handful of votes; and the Liberals, after winning power under Prince Jake just a few months ago, slide back into third place, in an echo of what happened to Labour in that previous August election. The political landscape is transformed – Labour are dead, a new left-wing party has risen to take their place, and there is an independent presence on the new Council which we have also not seen for several years. The manifestos we have seen in this election were vastly more detailed and thought-out than anything we have seen previously, and we also saw social media being used in the campaign for the first time, with Helliker and Simpson both tweeting throughout the day. This campaign has set the tone for the politics of the Second Era, where the historic and notorious Adammic political apathy appears to be a thing of the past.